Monday, July 16, 2007

More Currently, In Our Adoption Journey

As promised, here is another installment of the journey we are on to adopt a daughter from China. Each segment of our story feels so intimate and at the same time, so universal. At any given time, I have found myself sharing bits and pieces of our story, only to have sometimes complete strangers say, "Oh, my sister adopted from Russia and they waited forever also," or "Wow, my boss and his wife adopted from China, and I had no idea all that they went through." I feel as if the Lord has already used our journey to encourage others. And I'm so blessed to say that He has certainly used others' stories to gird us up and give us strength for our process.

As the story becomes increasingly current in the telling here, there are changes and things working in my heart about it and about my personal journey every day. Sometimes, I wonder what I was thinking when I asked the Lord to use this experience to change and mold me. Sometimes, it feels un-ending and too hard to persevere through. But on just such a day, the Lord allows my path to cross with one of those with a great story. And I marvel. So I'm continuing to share these snippets in as chronological an order as I can, but please know that all of it is "here and now" for me and I'm often processing as I write!

In April 2006, we contracted to begin our adoption journey through Living Hope Adoption Agency. It is founded by Samuel Fang, a former Chinese citizen who is deeply committed to bringing together “forever families” through the mission of his agency. (He has an amazing testimony of his own and clearly is anointed by the Lord for the work to which he has set his hands.) We are currently in the “waiting stage” of our adoption, having been approved first by our agency, then by the U.S. federal government. Our dossier (family file of information, like a portfolio) is in the “review stage,” waiting “in queue” at the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA). It’s a long process, and often the wait really wears us down. But the Lord has given us several tangible encouragements along the journey, including a “life verse” and a name for our new daughter. She will be called Aidan Hope, and the verse that we believe we are called to pray over her & her future is Psalm 71: 5 & 6 “For you have been my HOPE, O Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. From birth I have relied on you, you brought me forth from my mother’s womb. I will ever praise you.” Aidan means “little fiery one” in old Gaelic, and with everything that she will have to endure to get to us, we believe God for a fiery little fighter spirit to rise up in her!

Coming installments of this story will be in the form of questions that people have been asking of us quite frequently in recent months. If you have questions as you read this, please feel free to ask them. I'd love to answer as best I know, and research the answers to those I don't know! Soon, I will also post a summary of the steps of the whole dossier approval process, to make more clear some of the things you have read and will read in future posting.

Thank you again, for coming back to hear more of our story!


Carol said...

We were lid April 06 when you just began your paperwork! Glad to find you.....welcome to the wait process..I have my good days and bad days....We are also with LH...

Anonymous said...

Tracy -
It is so neat to read your hearts journey to Aidan. It has always been one of my prayers too that the Lord would use our journey to reach and bless people far and wide. I am amazed at the way that God can use our life "stories" to share Him with others. There have been many things that God has been able to show me about my relationship with him through this path. It is just beautiful to me. In some ways having this long wait has been a blessing in that I have no choice but to go to him for my daily strength. I have become much more of a prayer warrior for her and for my other kids. Knowing that prayer is the ONLY way I can change her life right makes me so much more passionate about it - I hope I never loose that!
Thanks for pouring your heart out. I don't have many (if any others) around me who are familier with an adoption journey so it feels good to know there are others who are going through the same thing. Most of our family thinks its a great thing to do - to reach out to an orphaned child but they don't understand that SHE has blessed US already. That's OK - it's all about Him - I would never in my wildest dreams have done this without a very distinct push from the Holy Spirit! Guess that's why everyone else is a little taken back!! :>) Have a great day! ~ Vonda

Bobby & Regina said...

This is Regina, Emma's mom. Thanks for visiting our blog! We can't wait to get little Emma, and keep us posted as a fellow LHer!! This has been the most amazing journey, and we know it is only the beginning! In church tonight, during prayer time, a member prayed for our safety in travel, and gave thanks to God already for the great work HE will do in our daughter's life - even commenting that she could be used by God to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in her homeland someday! Isn't it just amazing that He had her life all planned out before we ever had any thought of adopting! Before we were even born! AMAZING is His love and grace for us!


Classic MaMa said...

Thank you for sharing. We remember you in our prayers and can't wait for that "little fiery one" to visit.