Friday, July 6, 2007

Favorites Friday

Recently my father-in-law turned 70. So in his honor, today's Favorites Friday is about the grandparents. They are fabulous grandparents to the Gang, so they deserve the recognition and honor.

My Favorite Things About Tiny Boppa and Grandma B!
  • Tiny Boppa and Grandma B built their home in the mountains with plans for lots of grandkids. This may not sound like a big deal, but when you have a safe, fun and happy place for 7 grandchildren to run and play and burn off lots of energy (no matter the weather!), it's a big deal to the adults who are trying to have normal conversations!
  • They know how to play with the kids. They color, they go for nature walks, they play foosball, and they enjoy silly Disney movies alongside the grandchildren.
  • They live a life of upright, principled character. They set a great example for the kids of living a righteous and holy life, focused on serving the Lord and His people.
  • They know how to spoil a grandkid. Grandma B is often guilty of preparing a special meal just for one kid, cutting off the crusts, and letting certain little things slide. Tiny Boppa allows for vigorous horsing around and "boy play" that Mom and Dad stress over. It's hard for me to let some of that slide, but I tell myself that my grandparents did it for me - and I turned out mostly okay!
  • Finally, Tiny Boppa and Grandma B started a new legacy for the whole Whitney Gang when they committed their lives to Christ. Because of their godly choices, our kids are being raised as second generation Christians on both sides of the family, with all the riches and blessings that come from the lineage that they grafted into. It's a rich heritage, both in the natural and the spiritual and we are reaping many benefits from their surrendered lives.
Incidentally, Tiny Boppa got his nickname when Baby Blue Eyes was learning the family connections of my parents vs. The Boss's parents. Big Boppa is my dad, because he's a very big man (especially to BBE when he was 3). "Tiny Boppa" was just the way BBE figured out the difference between the two. So it stuck. Except for his physical stature, Tiny Boppa is a big man in all the ways that count!


Anonymous said...

Very true...I can attest to that! What a blessing to have rich heritage in the Lord. Regarding the spoiling, let's not foget about all those little sugared cereals they buy just for the grandkids!

Anonymous said...

Grandma B and I are blessed and proud to be grandparents of such great grandchildren! And we really appreciate the kind words found in the July 6 Favorites Friday. Love to all the "Gang."
Tiny Boppa