Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blissfully Returning To Normal!

Today was the first day of our "normal" life again. It was so normal, it might seem tedious to the rest of you. But for me, it was bliss. Pure bliss. Well, not pure - bliss only slightly marred by the warnings to "stop splashing each other in the eyes," "please clean up that mess before we swim," and "keep your hands to your self in the grocery store." But even those little things were so normal I was happy to say them. Well, not happy, but only slightly annoyed at the 100th repeat of "Please don't run by the pool!" Anyway, you get my drift. Normal is good. Today was good. Here's what normal is for The Gang:
  • Got up early and started working up a sweat by 7:40 at my local Curves
  • Stopped at the post office to mail a Rescue Hero to a Johnson boy - you know who you are :)
  • Stopped at the bank to cash a check from the insurance company
  • Came home to find Shaggy and Dr. Doolittle busily attending to chores, while LadyBug played with her favorite doll
  • Baby Blue Eyes had a melt down about changing garbage bags alone this week
  • Talked him off the ledge (in this case, the side of the tub!), took a long hot shower and did my hair and my make-up, sorta
  • The nieces and nephew came for the day (to give Sis a break after housing The Gang in various forms for almost 3 days!)
  • Headed with 6 kids to the library - had to leave Shaggy behind, as our van only seats 7 and I apparently forgot that with 7 kids I'd need 8 seats! DUH.
  • Rockin' Aunt Tracy let everyone play in the new play room at the new library for 20 minutes
  • Headed to the grocery store, with my super duper list helper and various runners assigned to various tasks on the list
  • Stopped for burgers and fries on the way home, again - Rockin' Aunt! Extra burgers for Shaggy - to make up for being left behind
  • Visited with a friend pool-side while kiddies played and splashed and tried not to run
  • Got cousins off for home and fed The Gang
  • Did church bulletin (early, I might add!) and surfed web for adoption stuff while Gang ate
  • Put on a movie for Gang, welcomed The Boss home from long day, caught up on email and blogs
  • Now I'm off to put on my jammies and grab a book
Normal, oh sweet Normal. I love you, Normal :)


Marci B. said...

Hooray for normalcy! I totally know what you mean. Having a mundane, regular kind of day can be so rejuvenating. Sounds like fun :)

Thrills said...

You really took that many kids to the grocery store! I admire you. I don't even like to go with my 2.