Friday, July 13, 2007

Favorites Friday

I just spent a wonderful day hanging out and catching up with one of my dearest friends ever. This girl, I'll call her JBug (she knows why!), has been my friend from the first day of classes our freshman year at Messiah. We connected in a Communications class and very quickly became inseparable for the next 4 years. We've walked through lots of life stages together, navigated some tricky waters of relationships and growing pains, and supported & encouraged each other in hard and happy times. Today, I'm posting about my friend, JBug!

My Five Favorite Things About JBug:
  • She highly values real relationships, and works very hard to be as real as she wants her friends to also be
  • She is passionate about raising her kids to know Jesus and to know how to share Jesus with others
  • She is selfless and generous with her time and energy and resources when serving the Lord and His family
  • She is an incredibly loyal, gracious friend - and very constant in her devotion to her family and friends
  • Finally, she is incredibly fun to hang out with - a great conversationalist: wise, funny, and interested in what you have to say
So, JBug - thanks for a great day. Thanks for always reminding me that true friendship stands the test of time. And thanks for caring about me as much as I hope you know that I care about you. I had a super day, and I'm anxious to do it again soon! Love Ya, Babe :)

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