Monday, October 8, 2012

The Evidence is Piling Up!

The pink stuff just keeps on coming.... It seems that every couple weeks or so, I am reminded by the evidence around me that there's some big stuff coming down the pike for our family. And I'm a little giddy at the pink-ness of it all!

This stash is stuff we've picked up here and there along the way, mostly gifts or hand-me-downs, which always bless the socks right off of me! There's a stack of disposable bibs for our trip, washable crayons to keep her busy on the flight home, and vinyl bibs handed down from a friend. Note the pretty "Mei Mei" pillow case, made by Lady Bug last spring in home-ec class. And the headband made by Li'l Empress and LadyBug one rainy day this past summer. So that Li'l Empress and Mei Mei can match. Cuz you all know how important it is for sisters to match! :)

Ooooh, and check out the beautiful canvas I found at our local thrift store.... JUST perfect greens and pinks and blues for the girls' new-to-them room. Next to the artwork is a super soft fleece blankie I scored from a massive clearance sale while school shopping for the big kids last month! Both pieces together came to LESS than $8. Yeah, that just makes it all the prettier, right?!

And while it's not pink, I did receive this beautifully framed ancient Chinese proverb in the mail the day that we left for Colorado, to settle Shaggy in to his YWAM school. It's from my Secret Pal in the online moms' group I joined. We all have fairly similar time-lines to our kids and the group is such a great support and resource during the long wait. I can't wait to hang it where I can see it every day and be reminded of the ties between my girl and her forever family.

Not that it necessarily means an expedited process for our journey, but I'm super excited to tell you that while we were in Colorado, we received notification of our Pre-Approval (PA in Chinese adoption lingo)! Dated just TWO days after our submitted Letter of Intent! We are submitting a letter requesting a medical expedite related to her need but there's no way to know just when that request will have an effect on the process. Prayers for continued funds to come in and for smooth, uncomplicated paperwork from here forward would be greatly appreciated.

Little things, for sure, but it's all adding up to fairly convincing evidence that a big pink change is coming to The Gang. And we are so excited about it all!


Aus said...

Very cool GM - extremely - couldn't be any happier for y'all!

hugs - aus and co.

Joan said...

So happy for you and your family! Thanks for always spelling out the acronyms too, maybe one day everything will click into sense :)