Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here's a Visual for Ya!

An adoptive momma friend shared this visual on her F@cebook page this week. I can take no credit for it and do not know it's origins. However, I thought it would be a good way to show you, my dear readers, all the steps in the process we are following to adopt Mei Mei.

So, picture me in the corner, only with much shorter, funkier hair of the much orange-er with little streaks of white variety. You know, sprinkled in to show you all my God-following life experience and wisdom. And in anything but PINK or polka dots...  And picture the cute little baby at the end with really chubby cheeks and no hair. But adorably chubby cheeks and sweet little rosebud lips.

I know. It's so not fair to torture you with descriptions of Mei Mei's cuteness and then not show you REAL pictures. Trust me, I feel your pain. Well, not really cuz I have her sweetness plastered all over the house. But I understand your frustration... Soon, my friends, hopefully soon.

Follow the numbers 1 through 15 to get an idea of the process. And bear in mind that there are often loooong weeks between most of the steps, no matter how you hurry to get your paperwork ready for that next all-important step. This is just a basic visual - it in no way conveys the angst or the joy or the waiting. Oh, the waiting. But you get the idea, I'm sure.

Then look for Step #8. That's where we are. Waiting for our LOA (which means Letter of Approval) from the CCAA (now called CCCWA).

And once that comes, then I can happily share pictures of our girl. The referral pics we have are from about 6 months of age. She's currently 15 months old and we've requested a very extensive update, including pics. So I'll hopefully have those to share by our LOA date also.

Clear as mud, right? But a little helpful, for those of us who are visual learners, right?

And there's your visual lesson on the steps of the Chinese Adoption Process :)


Selma said...

Whew... that is a complicated. And in the midst of all that you are keeping up with your other 5 kiddos AND raising funds to bring her home. You go girl! You rock.

Aus said...

Hey GM - yeah - but from step 8 to 15 time flies! ;) Well - at least we hope that time flies - it always has for us!

hugs - great joy - and outstanding graphic!

aus and co.