Friday, August 31, 2012

I Can't Believe I Forgot This!

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 Go. Enter. It's a ton of fun to win
and there's such a huge variety of stuff
to try for this year.
I can't believe I forgot all about it
until this morning.
But do it quick. It ends tonight at midnight.
Sorry! I know, it's really short notice.
My bad. The month kind of got away from me.

And while I'm sitting here, can I just say
"Sheesh. How on earth did it get to August 31st already?!"

There's loads and loads of craziness
crammed within the events
around here since my last post:
Shaggy's 18th Birthday.
Week 1 of  Football Camp.
Adoption Agency Reunion.
School Shopping.
Kindergarten Bus Orientation.
Crash Course in How to Be a Parent Advocate.
Week 2 of Football Camp.
Doctor Appointments.
Lab Appointments.
Dentist Appointments.
Oh. My. Word.

Listed out like that it doesn't really seem like a big deal.
Trust me when I say, the last two weeks have been

Am I the only mom that will be using the first day of school
to catch up on her sleep?
Somehow, I don't think so!

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