Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Li'l Empress! {F.I.V.E.}

I thought you might enjoy a little look back with me at the Li'l Empress,
while we celebrate the wonderful amazing day she was born.

February 2008
This isn't the earliest picture we have,
but it is the first picture we ever saw of her.
Her referral picture at about 6 months old.
And already stealing our hearts.

 I think this is the closest pic I have to her actual
1st birthday. Or the closest I have saved on disk, anyway!

Turning 2 in grand summer style!
Mmmmm, corn on the cob.

Really getting into the Gang's tradition
of birthday balloons by now!

Four years old and so excited to celebrate!

And now, five.
FIVE? Oh my goodness.
Truthfully, she wasn't all that excited about turning five
this morning...

After a somewhat rough start to the planned morning surprises and what we thought would be a low-key way to kick her special day off and celebrate with her, she's smiling now and embracing the joy of pink sparkly balloons, flower-patterned bike helmets and big girl bikes. One thing we know for sure: there is NEVER EVER a dull moment with this girl of ours.

Happy Birthday, Li'l Empress!
The gift of your life and your presence in this family has enriched us all.
And we are soooooo grateful God saw fit
to place you in our home and hearts. We love you sweet girl!


Joy said...

Happy birthday! My Taylor turns 5 in September.

Kelly the Overthinker said...

I'm smiling looking at her baby pictures because they so look like her--I mean, she really hasn't changed all that much just looks older (sniff sniff, I know)

Aus said...

Hey y'all - been on vacation to a place with no internet access or cell phone service - HOORAH - what a way to disconnect ... but dang - Happy (belated) Birthday Lil E!!

hugs - aus and co.