Friday, August 3, 2012

Guest Posting for Adoption!

I'm very excited to be a "featured mom" on the online magazine called MomColored Glasses today.  If you aren't reading over there, really, you need to. Not just cuz you like me, although heading over there and sharing some comment-y love is so appreciated. But also because they are doing a great job highlighting all kinds of issues that affect us moms.  It's a really great read, no matter what day you head over there, no matter what topic they are tackling.

It's an honor to be sharing a re-post of one of my favorite posts ever. It's always an honor to share my heart and our story in this way. I pray that you are blessed. And if you are, please share it with someone else!

In addition, I am set to be a guest blogger on another resource-type blog next week, called Under the Big Oak Tree. The owner of the site is a member of the online yard sale community that I joined this winter. She was very intrigued by our adoption journey and the purpose behind my new "part time job" of online selling. So she offered me an opportunity to share a different part of our story.  When that one goes live, I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, head over to her site and check out the great meal ideas and de-cluttering challenges she runs! She's a gal after my own heart, for sure.

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