Monday, May 7, 2012

Gettin' Our Verse ON!

I am OVER DA MOON to announce that The Gang has been selected as a Wild Olive Tees Fundraising family!  It's no secret that I have LOOOOONG been a fan of this amazing, creative team of ladies that make the world more fashionable and more beautiful with artistic, meaningful tees. At last count, I currently own 5 or 6 of my own pretties and have given several as gifts to friends and family. I just can't get enough!

Ever since we began this journey to our girl, I've been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to partner up with this amazing company. I love their heart for orphans. I love their heart for adoptive families. And I love how they network with so many other wonderful organizations to support and care for the precious little ones who are in need all over the world. I hope that you will head over to their site and peek around their site for yourselves to read all about their mission and their passion. It will be time well spent. But do that after you stick around to read the rest of this post... Cuz it's about you.  Yeah. YOU.

Well, really, it's about how YOU can help us
in this grand adventure as a Fundraising Family.

First, you can head HERE (and only here on this page of the site, for it to count toward our efforts) and pick some tees out for you and your family. For your kids and your sisters. For your sisters' kids. Or maybe for your neighbors. Ooooh, and don't forget those end-of-the-year teacher gifts. Get creative, get crazy and have some fun spreadin' The Word. We'd be so incredibly grateful.

Just remember: When you purchase a tee, you MUST use our family code IN THE COUPON CODE option under the shopping cart. (That can be found in the pink tab to the right of the screen). You can also be sure the code is noted by entering it into the comment section (it's not necessary, but it's for added security when they are calculating orders). This code will not provide you with a discount. Rather, it will track sales that can be credited to the Whitney Family Fundraising efforts.

Are you ready?
The Family Code is WHITNEY407.
Got it? Goooood.

This button will take you directly to the page for the fundraising tees.

Wild Olive Adoption Fundraiser Tees

Second. you can feel free to help us spread the word about The Gang's efforts by sending this link to folks whom you think might love adoption.

Or whom might love really artsy, hip, and creative tees with GOD's Word on them.
Or whom might love The Gang.
(And really, who doesn't love The Gang? They are mighty cute, if you ask me.)
(And yes, I know I'm biased. But really. We have some seriously cute kiddoes.)

You can share the updates and links I'll be posting with folks in your neck o' the Facebook woods. You can contact me for other creative ways to help us get the word out, if you are interested. The sky is the limit. The world is your oyster. But only till June 29th. Then? Well, then the fundraiser is slated to be over.

Finally, you can pray. Pray, pray, pray. We are (as I mentioned in my post last week summarizing where we are in our journey to Brynna) more earnestly seeking the Lord for the specific file of the child HE has been preparing for our family. We are praying for financial provision (through this and the other jobs I have taken on during this journey). And we are praying for full-time, career-position employment for The Boss.

Our faith has been stretched in ways we did not envision in this season of our life. We are trying to stand strong; although it is indeed very stressful to switch from full-time corporate life to part-time, seasonal retail work. We know it's temporary, so we are making every effort to stay united and connected to each other and to The Father. It isn't easy and in fact, these last two weeks have been really, really hard. But we know He is in control. Of The Boss's job. Of this adoption. Of our future. And we are trusting Him for it. For all of it.

Thank you so much, in advance, for the prayer and the support.
We are truly blessed by all the love that we have felt in this season.

Now? Go. Get Your Verse On!


Aus said...

Congrats - may this make you rich both in money and Spirit!!

Prayers as always - and hugs - aus and co.

Chris said...

Yay! How exciting. I will definitely post something next week after my WO Tee give-away is over.


Andrea said...

Congratulations! I will put the bookmark on our blog to spread the word!