Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Building the Nest

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the awesome non-profit called The Sparrow Fund. I blogged about it here when they launched and am so excited about the growth they've experienced over this year. They have been able to sponsor grants for medical reviews for files of more than 10 kids in 2011 and they are already on track to blow that total out of the water for 2012.

For a really cool example of a comprehensive program
that offers medical reviews for a potential adoption file,
check out CHOPADOPT. We love them!

What that means is that lots and lots of folks gave generously to support the "building of the nest" from which those grants could flow. What that means is that the families welcoming home these kids have tools, resources, and information to properly meet the needs of these precious children. What that REALLY means is that 11 kids have come home to forever families in part because The Sparrow Fund exists.

And they are gearing up to build the nest again this month. Over 50 businesses and individuals have come together to offer special discounts and savings with a portion of their proceeds for the month of May heading to The Sparrow Fund. Which means that more families can have access to thorough reviews of medical files when considering a referral for adoption. That's amazing. And inspiring.

And YOU can be in on it all!

If you are a business-owner who has a heart for families, a heart for adoption, or a heart for children with special medical needs, then helping build the nest in this month's event might be right for you and your business. I'm pretty sure it's not too late to join the effort! Click on the button above or on my sidebar and contact Kelly. She's more than happy to get you involved!

If you like to shop and love to know that your purchases are going to a great cause, then head over here and help build the nest that way. Let the business owners know you are there because you heard about The Sparrow Fund. There are beautiful gift items there, and Mothers' Day is just around the corner. As is graduation, Fathers'  Day, and well, who doesn't love a "just because" gift once in a while? Ahem, Boss, if you are reading this, that was for you.  :)

Most importantly... If you like to pray, then join me in praying for amazing multiplication of the resources that Building the Nest will bring in to The Sparrow's Fund. These medical reviews are essential to helping families properly equip themselves when of reviewing a potential referral file of a child. There's no easy way to describe to you just how important it is to have these professional reviews done in the adoption process, particularly of international and/or special needs adoptions.

Go. Click away. And shop. For The Sparrow Fund's sake. Shop!

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Kelly the Overthinker said...

Thanks so much, girl, for getting the word out! Can't wait to see how God multiplies that 10%!