Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Shaggy spent yesterday afternoon sorting his college recruitment mail.
There are some big decisions coming up in the next year or two for my boy.

He was smart. Doing it poolside.
He gets that from me.  :)

115 different schools represented.
Multiple copies of many recruiting materials.
And he kept them all.
He gets that from The Boss.  :)

So many choices.
And some of the ones he is MOST interested in
aren't even represented here.

And knowing Shaggy, he is developing
a "system" or a plan
for investigating ALL of his options.

Wordless Wednesday is rarely wordless.
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Come check it out. Wordless or not,
it's lots of fun to visit new blogs and
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Joan said...

I'm glad it looks like nothing flew into the pool :)
That's good that he laid it out like that, I remember my giant box of prospective schools..

Aus said...

Lots to consider - but hey - that's half the fun!

And somehow I just got a feel that Shagman will find what's just exactly right for him!

...and I love your humor....;)

hugs - aus and co.