Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Wow. It's been almost three weeks since my last post. A LOT has happened here at The Gang's House. I figured posting a pictorial tour of the last 17 days would be a waaaay more interesting way to catch us all up. I say "us" cuz I feel like I need a good reminder of just what I've been headlong into before my memories fade! So, buckle up and here we go...

Li'l Empress has, for several months now,
told us repeatedly that she wants to be
a piggie when she grows up.
Imagine her delight when these cute
p.j.'s came out of the summer clothes bin.
Oh, and check out the 'tude - hands on the hip
is the new "thing" around here.
I let it slide when she's just being funny or sassy.

We enjoyed our traditional Memorial Day weekend
with my "best friend since kindergarten" and her family.
Well, minus her oldest daughter,
whose presence was sorely missed.
Li'l Empress needed a bit of coaxing for the first
swim of the season. It was a tad chilly at first, but
warmed up nicely by Monday.
The weather was perfect for all the grilling and swimming.

My sweet friend also blessed me by filling
my porch planters. And now, every time I look
out onto my porch, I see all this beauty
and think immediately of her.
Everyone should have a friend as steadfast
and deeply beautiful as Stacey.

Shaggy purchased his first car!
A peppy little '89 Honda Accord LXi.
It's a five-speed, which he will have to learn to drive,
but it's going to be a great first car for him.
I'm so proud of him - every single penny came from
his own savings. He's a hard worker and very frugal, to boot.

Always happy to indulge her little sister's cute
pre-occupation with piggies, LadyBug made this
curly tail for Li'l Empress. She wore it off and on all day.

My two girls got hit this weekend with a nasty summer cold.
But gosh, even all feverish and drippy and hoarse,
they are still so pretty. Don't you wish you looked
this cute when you felt that cruddy?

Oh. Look. There's the 'tude again!
She followed Daddy up and down the stairs
all afternoon, "hepping him" make the closet
door frame. "Hepping him" hang it.
She's gonna sleep good tonite, after all those trips
from the bathroom to the garage and back again.
All that's left in there is for The Boss to trim it
all out, touch up the paint, and finish the closet door.
I can't wait to start organizing!

There you have it. A not-so-brief summary of the missing weeks.  It's my way of easing back into the discipline of blogging. I so miss it when I don't do it, but the pace around here and the STUFF we've been working through to get to this point has been too draining for me to come up with interesting and witty posts. The good news is that the school year is DONE for Shaggy and Dr. D. Hard-fought, long hours, and lots of essay and project proofing, but DONE. DONE. Can I get an AMEN from my peeps?! They are so excited to have two full weeks of downtime before their younger sibs - I've had to tame the gloating and the ribbing to a dull roar. Especially since I still have to get up to a stupid alarm clock WITH the younger ones!

I'll have to sit down this week and share Dr. D's other great news with you all later. It deserves its own post but I'm waitin' on some details to come together. Suffice it to say, as busy and crazy as the last three weeks have been, there have been some very special moments in it all.

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Sunday Snapshot


Martha said...

Glad you're back! Loving the "tude"! I've been feeling the same way too...but I don't have the cute Pj.s!

Trish said...

Sounds like an eventful few weeks! Love the piggie pjs and the hand on the hip. ;)

Aus said...

Wow - what a great few weeks! Can't wait to read the 'special post' - but wow!

As for the 'tude - does it include an 'eye roll'? Our 8 year old is WWWAAAYYY to young to know how to do that - and has gotten a little 'sassy mouth' on her lately too - but I'm calling it a 'stage'! Like you - it's all about learning 'when' it's OK to be cute or funny and when it's NOT!!

You guys are cool - hugs - aus and co.

groovy mama said...

Isn't your Life full and lively....what a fun 17 days did you say....he-he!

can't wait to hear the 'more' of it!

Chris said...

I've been gone for a while as well....

It's funny how life sure can get in the way of blogging....

Glad you are back! :)

Oh, absolutely love the 'tude'!
Way cute.