Thursday, June 9, 2011

Respect The Wiring - Part 3

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2,
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So, as I was saying, I was reminded by the Lord on that cold Saturday afternoon to Respect Dr. D's Wiring and let HIM to the work and lead Dr. D to Himself. What's even more surprising to me (and at this point in my parenting journey AND my faith walk really shouldn't have been!) is how settled and peaceful things became around here when I let go of my fears and my questions and watched God work.

Dr. D is a fierce competitor and had a good track season this year. But because it was his first year with the varsity team, he struggled to put up the stats that he'd hoped for after his last season at the middle school level. On our rides to the high school every afternoon, I'd encourage him. And on meet days, I'd pray out loud over him and his teammates while I drove into the lot. I'd focus on praying for his own personal stats to improve and for his demeanor to be one of encouragement and morale-building among his teammates. And, being the non-risk taker that I am, I'd of course pray for safety from injury or accident. Silently, I'd pray over my own fears and my own concerns and choose to walk beyond them in my life as his mom.

It was a new thing for me, in a sense, this digging into his world and learning about steps and rhythms and cadences (he's primarily a long and triple jumper, with some sprinting thrown in for good measure) but I found I enjoyed our conversations and CERTAINLY I enjoyed the time with my boy, even as short as it was. It's nothing new to me to be my kids' biggest screaming cheerleader on the sidelines. But this spring, there was something different in me. I mindfully chose to Respect The Wiring.  And you know what?  I loved  every single minute of it.

So when our church offered the opportunity for Water Baptism and Dr. D decided he was ready, I was ready too. I was really ready to hear what he would say about his journey.  I had the confidence in my heart, after these last several months of watching him grow and go after God on his own, that whatever led him to this decision would be a great testimony of resolve and determination.  And I was right.

Forgive the quality of the picture, for whatever reason, my video function on my camera yellows out in overhead lighting.  And forgive the shaky screen. It's hard to sit still, holding the camera steady when my eyes were streaming down my face.

Darned allergies.

Yeah, right.

Parents, I don't want to be preachy here. Nor do I want to sound as if I have it all together with my Gang. LORD knows that is the farthest thing from the Truth about who I am here and in real life.  I wanted to share all this with you here because I know that sometimes it feels as if our kids might never get it. It feels as if they are always tuning us out and going on auto-pilot when we start talking to them about their character or their growth to adulthood. 

I want this story to stand as an example of God's incredible faithfulness to grow ME in the midst of my worries about how Dr. D was growing. He grew my trust, He grew my confidence in our family mission, He grew my faith that His Word is always true and always working for His purposes in the lives of our kids.

And He will do that for you. For your kids.
For your husbands. For your journeys.  He will.


Beverly said...

LOVE IT! You have made me cry at 9 AM! SO thankful for Caleb and his journey and for your God-given wisdom on how to raise him. Gives me hope, sister friend, gives me hope as I try and do the same with my sweet, independent, "spirited" youngun!!
NOW - I really can't wait to see you!! One more month! Yipee!!
Thanks so much for sharing this - what a blessing to all who see it!

Kateri said...

Thank you so much, Trac! What timing you have, as usual! I've been really worrying about Troy lately...thank you for reassuring me, encouraging me, and reminding me that God has my boy firmly in His grip so that I can loosen up a bit :)
Love ya!!!!

Aus said...

Morning GM - just one little keep sounding like you didn't 'get it' - and that through Dr. D God brought you to it....well....OK....if you say so.

But I'd submit - as an outside observer - and one that I would have hoped by now you would have come to see is pretty dang frank and straight forward....

You 'got it' all the way along....

If you hadn't (well - and with that I include the Boss - it's a 'collective' you) then he wouldn't have gotten this far....

But I'm glad that you understand now that you 'get it'!

And ain't it amazing how our kids can actually lead US to Faith while we try to build it in them?

That's cause the Father - well - He'!

hugs - nice work Dr. D -

aus and co.

Trish said...

I am so behind in everything but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading these posts and celebrate along with you!