Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Blue-Eyed Boy. Forever.

Sigh. Today is Baby BlueEye's 9th birthday. NINTH, I said.

How is this even possible?

Sometimes, when I look at him, I still see this in my mind's eye.

Spring, 2002
I know. I know. Could he have BEEN any cuter?!

I mean, I know in my head that he's all grown up and stuff. I know he's miles past this.

Summer 2007 - Rockin' the tough guy look

I am still stunned to find that even this isn't what he really looks like any more.

Winter 2009
With his best buddy, Nate.

Instead, right in front of me I see this.

Backyard soccer, again with his buddies, Nate and Sam.

The 2010 version of the tough guy look.

He's growing up into a kind and loving big brother. Maturing into a sensitive, loyal and compassionate friend. We are so proud of the wonderful son he is. In love with his sweet devotion to family and his unquenchable desire to be JUST.LIKE. all the godly men in his life. His crazy sense of humor and his occasional cluelessness keeps us all laughing. He is good medicine for our family.

Today when I look at him, at who he really is, not as my heart wants to still see him, I see a young man emerging. My baby boy is growing up. And I'm not sure I like it one bit.

Happy Birthday,
Baby BlueEyes!
You are a gift to our family. You steal the hearts of everyone who is blessed enough to know you. And every day, I thank Jesus that I get to be your momma.
But.... You will always be my blue-eyed baby boy. Forever.


Territory Mom said...

He is such a doll. Happy Birthday, buddy.

Aus said...

Happy Birthday BBE! Ya'll just stay on track and things will be great - promise - in the long run the good guys always win out!

And when I look at the recent picture I'll always be thinking I'm hearing...."Eh - you want some a this?" (In my best NYC Irish guy accent)!

Oh - and GM - nice work!

hugs - aus and co.

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday! He is such a handsome young man.