Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Today, Dr. D has his first (loooong-awaited) game of his freshman football season.  He was pretty focused all summer long, conditioning here at home with an eye toward being ready to "hit somebody."  We also signed him up for a local football camp run by one of his former coaches, and he really enjoyed honing his skills. And "hitting somebody."  He even got Li'l Empress into the fun by practicing three-point stances and leading with her shoulder and "hitting somebody" low and solid. Yeah, he likes the hitting. Me, not so much.  And while I'm sure I'll never love watching him hit or be hit like HE does, I'm learning not to cringe every time.  Or at least I'm trying . . . 

I don't mind admitting I was a little surprised by passion for all the preparation for the season. There's been lots of studying of the play book. In fact, that white binder was his constant companion on our car trips. And we logged a lot of hours in car trips this summer.  He was intense about it. Willingly studying and memorizing. Even though I've always known that he was capable of such dedication and focus, once he found something he loved, I was still surprised by the ferocity of his attention. And very proud of it, too. 

(Is there some way I can show him how Algebra I is applicable in creating and strategizing plays for a freshman football team? Cuz that would neatly wrap up a lot of our mother-son homeschooling conversations, for sure!)

So. He came home from practice the other day and proceeded to tell us that he's starting this season. Starting offense, at wingback. Starting defense, at safety. And he's on punt return. AND covering kick-offs and punts. That all translates to a lot of "hitting someone."  Lots of someones.  Unfortunately, for this slightly nervous momma, I'm football savvy enough to also know that it means there are potentially a lot of "someones" who will be looking to hit him.  Oy. 

I think it's safe to say that he's not going to see a lot of down-time during the games.  And as long as he's on that field, running, dodging or "hitting someone" - neither will I.

Neither will I.


Darlene said...

Brings me back to memories of Calvin, my son playing. I did alot of cringing and holding my breath. Good luck

Aus said...

Well - ya know - I understand your 'stress' - but every friday night the ER's are filled with folks from auto accidents - but hardly ever from football games (unless they got into a donnybrook in the stands!)...I'm just sayin'....he's safer on the field than he is to and from the game! He'll be fine!

hugs - aus and co.