Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do You Need a Make Over?

I've never really been one to spend too much time thinking about the facade of this blog - the free templates and backgrounds that are available "everywhere" have sufficed for the most part.  Occasionally, I get an itch to have a new look that defines "me" here but I've never really done much about it, beyond the free stuff that I change out, usually seasonally. I figure that I already spend way too much time coming up with wonderful, witty, meaningful dialogue. What excuse could I possibly come up with to explain MORE time spent combing through sites to find just the right look? And frankly, I'm just too darned CHEAP to want to invest any. money. at. all. on this here little hobby o' mine.

But.... my friend, Christie over at Bushel and a Peck, is hosting a new contest. A free blog make over that will give your blog (my blog?) its own unique feel and "first impression" for anyone who stops by here.  You, too, are eligible to enter this make over contest. To do so, click HERE and check out the rules.  And if you win, I'll be very, very happy for you.

If I win?  Well, then I'll have to come up with something that makes this blog scream "THE GANG'S MOMMA DUMPS HER BRAIN HERE!"  I'm starting to feel a little stressed at the idea of it... But that's what the look of a blog is supposed to say, right? That's the point of a make over, right?!



Tricia said...

If you don't win the blog makeover, check our Blogs with a Cause! It is a very inexpensive way ($30) to get a blog makeover and all the money goes to orphans!


Christie said...

Hey girl! You rock - good luck sister!!

Aus said...

I'll wish you luck - but I think your blog is groovy - make over or not! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Christie said...

Girl. Sit down. Are you sitting down? You need to sit down. Ok are you sitting?


you. won.

you heard me.

you won.

no joke.

you can thank AB for randomly picking #6, which happened to be you.

let's get this parrrteeee started

e-mail me ~