Monday, August 9, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

Ni Hao Y'all

We are totally crashing today after a whirlwind weekend of fun with friends who have become family... Our agency hosted its annual adoption reunion at a Great Wolf Lodge not too far from our home. A friend of a friend loaned us a beautiful home for the weekend, as cramming 7 of us Gang members into even the least expensive room at the lodge was waaaaaaay out of our budget. We shared the blessing of free lodging with our friends, the Lambrose family. It meant a little more driving for us, but it was well worth the effort. The pay-off was extended time with some of our favorite adoption community friends and some much-needed quiet and down-time in the car between events. Plus, the setting of the home in which we stayed was one of the most tranquil, serene places I've stayed in a long, long time. It was just what this Momma needed at the end of a long, hard month of craziness!

Here's our Sunday Snapshots. . . . better late than never.

The lovely Lambrose family bunked with us
for the long weekend. Brave of them,
considering that till now we'd only ever visited
for quick overnighters or pop-ins to each other's homes.

Really, though, the day that my sister-in-law connected me
to this lovely lady is a day I will forever mark as
"blessed" in my life story.
(For a cool story about the start of our
beautiful friendship, go here.)

Somebody had waaaaay too much energy to burn
while waiting for the rest of the 10 of us to get out the door!

Li'l Empress loved sliding down the big pink tongue
of the froggie at the outdoor pool.

Baby BlueEyes and Dr. D had fun racing down
to the bottom of this huuuuuuuuge water slide. 

Our three boys, ramped up, wet and worn out!

Li'l Empress with two of her favorite little
Living Hope buddies.
The cuteness factor was way off the charts
at dinner. I didn't even need dessert,
it was THAT sweet in there!

 The Gang - stuffed to the gills with yummy
Chinese food and almost too tired to take
another step.

For more Sunday Snapshot fun,
head over here and link in to the party!


Stefanie said...

Oooh, it DOES look like much fun was had by all!
And now you've got me hankering for some yummy Chinese food, we haven't found a good spot since we moved this far north!
Glad you guys had such a blast together!!

groovy mama said...

Just wanted to POP my head over and say HI! It was great to meet you this weekend, but it was a bit HECTIC and crazy there! Anyway at least you know my Blog!

I didn't take any pics...too crazy wet!

Ella's mommy!

Aus said...

Cool pics - glad ya'll had a good time!

hugs - aus and co.