Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do You Think They Will Notice?

So. I am sitting here at my computer early (ridiculously early considering that I have nothing on the calendar till 11:00!) Thursday morning. In my pre-caffeinated fog. Reading a couple emails, catching up on F@cebook, gearing up for this week's Sunday bulletin, you know the drill.

I was deeply engrossed in reading this post (which by the way, is fabulous and a MUST READ for every married woman. Period. PEER. YEEEE. YUDD!) when Li'l Empress startled me by shouting out loud. 

Apparently, something on her morning show really! EXCITED! HER! SOOOO! MUCH!!!! The verbal outburst amidst the previously quiet morning slog made me jump out of my skin.

See, this morning, I'm home alone with my girly. Everyone else in the gang had somewhere important to be. And it's just us, with K@i L@n talking in the background.

Anyway. She startled me so much that I jumped up and, out of habit, shoved the rolling keyboard tray back into the computer desk. Quickly. Without thinking. Not normally a huge problem, right?

Except that this morning? THIS morning, I was sitting at my computer, reading a couple emails, catching up on F@cebook, gearing up for this week's Sunday bulletin, AND eating my favoritest cereal in the whole wide world.

Right out of my handy-dandy T*pperware cereal keeper (Cuz I despise milk. And I didn't want to dirty a bowl for just a handful or two.) Without the lid on. Sitting on the rolling keyboard tray.

Yeah. I know. I know. Sigh. I know.

Yeah. My favoritest cereal in the whole world flew up in the air at the impact. And landed all over the living room floor. All. Over.

So, I'm happy to say. I did salvage most of the cereal.  And I do have a nicely vacuumed living room carpet.

All before 8:30 a.m.

Do you think the kids will notice the random cat hair or two in the handy-dandy T*pperware cereal keeper?

I really need another cup of coffee.


Christie said...

OMG! That is too funny....GIRL! You've got to keep the cereal safe while you're reading my posts...

well, I think if K or Q screamed, I might have done the same thing...

Let's hold out for the days we can read all our online stuff in total peace. (gasp!) i.e. SANS babies. Just sayin'.

Joan said...

Oh! so funny :) I wish I could have seen that...what was she so excited about?

Beverly said...

I have nothing to say about this but this one thing........I DESPISE MILK as well........will the similarities ever end??????

Too funny! Glad you got your place cleaned up 'fore the Gang got home! I bet they will never notice!

ComfyDenim said...

Well they might notice. Cat hair is quite a contrast in milk. BUT you could always just stomp your foot and proclaim, "I TOLD the cat not to drink out of the milk jug (carton) again. That is THE. LAST. TIME!"

and move on with life.
I bet they won't even blame the cereal. In fact, conversation from that point on will be about how a cat can not open the fridge.
But you are the mom.


and well.. sometimes... you just have to send the naysayers to their rooms.

Aus said...

Well good morning! I love those quiet mornings - and I'm moved to observe....why did you have food in the living room? ;) (That's a rule at the Aus food out of the kitchen - and now you know why!) I'm also moved to observe - aren't you glad it wasn't your coffee cup? In particular the way you like to foofoo your coffee - could make a particularly sticky keyboard!

And thanks for not throwing us under the bus - us guys would generally be willing to take the hit - but would really rather not!

hugs - aus and co.

Aus said...

PS - when you get a chance - nudge MississippeZen for me - I'm still waiting for a blog invite! ;) I know you guys chat, she passed along your greetings when they were up here a couple weeks ago! One of these days we'll meet ya'll IRL too, door is always open if you are up this way!

hugs - aus and co.