Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shaggy is SIXTEEN!

Oh my word. How on earth is it possible that my firstborn has turned 16 already? I mean, all I did was blink a time or two. Sheesh. This "time flies when you are having fun" thing is for the birds.  Humph.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my wonderful son, Shaggy. You have regularly challenged and encouraged me along the way to be a better mom and a better Christian. Your example of steadiness, discipline, and focus is a treasure to watch develop. I get a thrill of joy every time I see you interacting with your little sister - you have been such a source of comfort and compassion and nurture to her as she's learned what it means to be part of a family.

Your leadership within our home and within your circle of friends is a gift from God. Watching you participate in worship on your drums, listening to you diligently practice for hours every week, and seeing you dig in to learn more is something that I treasure. You are very humble about your gifts and talents, but make no mistake about it - they ARE gifts and talents that make you special and unique. They are the outflow of your consecrated heart and it is such a joy to see you grow in all these areas!

We pray that you continue to grow in His grace and mercy as well as in the giftings He has placed within you. May you continue to seek Him and His Heart and His Plan for your life. Your name means, "there is no one else like our God," and we pray that you will always KNOW in your know-er the deep and satisfying truth of that!

We love you, Shaggy!
Happy 16th Birthday!


Joan said...

I hope he passes his driver's test first time around! :)

Aus said...

Happy Birthday Shag-man - if ever we meet irl your Uncle aus will show you some GREAT driving techniques! ;) (Now we got GM shaking in her boots eh?!!)

Just continue on as the man you've grown into and you'll do just fine!

hugs to all - aus and co.