Monday, June 28, 2010

This I Know

Let me interrupt your Monday morning to share a little thing I know.

I know that you can NOT teach a toddler NOT to scream by needling, taunting, annoying or teasing.

She will NOT learn NOT to react when you poke, prod, hover, or take over.

Even if it is with the greatest of big-brotherly affection.

It can't be done.

Thanks for reminding me of this lesson, big brothers.

You know who you are.

This I know.

You may resume your Monday.  Carry on.


Chris said...

Those {silly} boys! When will they ever learn??? :)

My sons still do that ummm, tormenting to the Littles.

And my sons are in their 20's!!!!

Most be a guy thing!?

Julie said...

Ha Ha, my boys are bad about this also!!

Aus said...

Request permission to torment the tormentor's!

hugs - aus and co.