Friday, June 11, 2010

Linking Up

Okay, so there's some good stuff out there in bloggy land that I have finally gotten around to reading and processing.  With all the focus on "taking back my territory" and our "potty boot camp" around here, I'd gotten quite behind on reading my favorite blogs and websites.  Some of this will be new to you, some of it won't. But if you're looking for a good read while your little ones are napping or watching B@rney, here you go!

Supermoms R Us - made me want to stand up on a chair and cheer for Christie. That girl's got a way with the words.

one question answered - Stefanie tackles the question of affording adoption. Rather, she tackles the question of what your priorities are if you desire to afford adoption. Good stuff. But guard your toes - the truth might step on the little piggies a wee bit.

Why I feel Weird When People Ask How We're Doing - my adventurous and honest friend Stephanie tackles the "questions" and the question-ers.  Was a great reminder to me to only ask if I really want to know, and be really willing to hear the answer and LISTEN with my HEART for what a friend might be saying within the words. This does NOT pertain just to adoption, but that's what Stephanie is currently adjusting to.

Burdened - also by my friend, Stephanie, this post makes me wonder how many of us are really broken-hearted over the things that break God's heart. How many of us cry over the things that make Him cry?

I've Been Summer Schooled - Classic Mama is wise beyond her years, and the two-part post is giving my creative juices a run for their money.  Her great idea is a huge bonus for all of their family.  Plus, it's always fun to have a fellow-potty-training mommy with whom to commiserate.

how do you know? - This is a beautiful description of the many ways, within one family, that the Lord worked to reveal the next child to be added to the clan. A walk down memory lane for the mama and a great example to us of being open to God's creative plans. If you are not a regular reader over at the blog of No Hands But Ours, you really should be. It is a timely resource and I'm learning so much from the other folks who post there regularly.  I could list link after link after link that has made me investigate my parenting style and my views on adoption and special needs.

That's a smattering of what I've been reading this week, while housebound and potty training. I have to say, I had forgotten in the years since Baby BlueEyes learned his potty skills how hard it was to be home and focused on this big task. But the laundry is caught up, I've stayed on top of the dish piles that magically appear each time Shaggy or Dr. D meander through the kitchen, and I've gotten some brainstorming and planning done for summer.

What are you reading? What links have captured your thoughts and challenged you this week? Really, I want to know!!!!


Aus said...

Wish I had something unique to share - but it looks like we read the same blogs!

but I'll hug you anyway - even if you did suggest a hair cut for my bride (I'm a long hair guy....but approved the comment anyway!) ;)

aus and co.

Classic MaMa said...

:) Hey, thanks for the compliment, friend! I appreciate you and your family.

This summer, we are definately visiting. We have to start getting these two together. ;)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Well, you know me... I love links! *grin* Glad to hear the potty training continues.