Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Snapshots

Ni Hao Y'all

Okay, so I'm gonna give this a whirl. I'm not the greatest at posting on the weekends, but Stefanie is pretty gracious about stretching this particular "Sunday" event into Mondays, so I might have a fighting chance of being semi-regular at joining the fun. (See how I gave myself lots of ambiguity there?! Gotta have a little "out" so I don't feel pressured and stressed about it being a Sunday post. All. the. time.)  So, yeah. Anyway. I'm home from church this morning. With a sick kid. (Again. At least it's a different kid.) And I've got some cute pics of the Gang. So, aren't you the lucky ones.

First Ice Cream Outing
of the "Summer!" 
I know Summer doesn't officially start for several more weeks, but this past Friday was beautiful and blazing  hot. We ate a very healthy dinner together and then piled The Gang into our trusty mini-van (Which by the  way, is feeling really "mini" lately, with all those long legs and sweaty boys filling it!) and headed to our neighborhood ice cream hot spot.

 Shaggy is not a fan of Momma snapping pics.
"It's just ice cream. What's the big deal?"

However, Dr. D LOOOOOOOVES the attention.

"Really, Mom? Like, seriously, Mom?" 

He really gets into his "Death by Chocolate."

I think this might be her very first ice cream cone.
And it certainly won't be her last.

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Denise said...

Nothing says summer like ice cream!!!

Jennifer and Greg said...

I really could get in to "Death by Chocolate" too.

Sounds yummy!

Was this homemade icecream?

I think I am having an icecream craving!


Stefanie said...

YUM! We LOVE the ice cream cone around here... LOVE IT!!
Your gang sure looks like they love the ice cream cone too :)
Your comments about your kiddos had me giggling... KIDS, huh?!?
Happy Sunday to you guys :)

Carla said...

Awesome job on your Sunday Snapshot post!! Nothing better than some yummy ice cream. We are heading out for some ourselves here soon!

Tammy said...

Ice cream cones and kids, my favorite combo!


Robin said...

YUM!!! love ice cream on a warm(hot)day!!

zentmrs said...

Ice cream! Yum! Great shots of the family!

Aus said...

Nice work kid! We did the icream too - but know that one of the cones ended up in the van somewhere - and.still.haven'!

I'm hoping it went to the place of the mis-matched socks....but know I won't be that lucky....

At least the van is paid for....

hugs - aus and co.

Salzwedel Family said...

Such a good looking gang you have!

Monica said...

Looks like everyone at your house likes it as much as everyone at our house. Our oldest even works at our local ice cream us even more incentive to come by for a quick cone!

Chris said...

We have been dipping into the ole ice cream bucket way too much around here lately! And it is not ieven {officially} summer yet!! Lord, have mercy!!! lol

Looks like your 'gang' had a great time!!! :)