Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I know, I know, it's a day late. But the wishes are no less meaningful to all my beautiful mother-friends who stop by here to visit . . .

What a weekend we had! It was cram-jam full to the brim with family and friends.  I'm sure yours was similar. . . Saturday, we had the classic dilemma of too many directions and not enough drivers to get them all there. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am actually starting to feel excited at the prospect of Shaggy driving this coming fall. He had to be at a friend's house Saturday morning to help with fund-raiser yard sale, Dr. D had to be at the middle school early to head off for a day of regional relays, and Baby BlueEyes was scheduled to attend a birthday party. We headed out later to the relays with the girls and enjoyed the fun in the sun - and the wind! Dr. D bested his own personal record for long jump (again!) and tried the hurdle relay for the first time competitively.  I could hardly watch - hurdles of any kind are my LEAST favorite track events. But he stayed up and finished his leg of the race strong.

The events of the day ended on a big disappointment for him though. The 4x100 relay was shaping up to be very competitive until Dr. D handed off to the anchor runner, who'd been experiencing muscle pain all morning long. Two or three steps out of the hand-off and the anchor crashed to the track in pain. The team was DQ'd and their anchor had to be carted off the track by the medical team. Seems to be a hamstring injury. I felt bad for Dr. D, as I know he had really high hopes for this particular race. But he handled himself well and they all tried to be positive and accept that this is part of being a team player.

We got to enjoy some down-time here in the afternoon before my brother and all his lovely ladies came by for dinner. The down-time ended abruptly once everyone smelled the food and by the time we were all seated at the table, I could feel the evidence of the busy, hectic day in the air. We were all over-tired, hungry, and worn out.  Let's just say that it wasn't the most relaxing family dinner we've ever shared and leave it at that :) Bed time never looked so good!
Sunday was a quick trip up to my parents' home. We joined them in time for morning services and then we got dinner on the table for my mom. She's recovering nicely, and definitely has her sparkle back. The boys were a huge help in getting the meal on and off the table and all the cleaning up in between. And my dad kept us laughing with some of the jokes he keeps stashed for sermon openers. We exchanged gifts and got to enjoy dessert together before we had to hit the road again.  I'll post the recipe for the Orange Coconut Pound Cake that I made - Betty Crocker and her classics just never disappoint!

The Boss and my Gang gave me a new digital camera for Mother's Day - unfortunately, we don't have one single picture from the day to share yet! Between my new phone and my new camera, I have some technology schooling to tackle.  But the benefit is that you will all get to see my little Gang members in sharp, crisp, clarity now :)  I'll do my best to NOT turn this into a photo blog of my beautiful children while I learn all the tricks and tools my new camera boasts . . . the temptation will be great but I'll be strong and try to share sparingly!

The icing on the cake for me was a quick visit from my friend K and her two lovely girls. They came in for a consultation at CHOP and spent the night here to catch up and get our girl-talk in. The kids all get along so nicely and our friendship has become such a treasure to me. They just hit the road now, hoping to beat the morning traffic and I already am looking forward to the next time we can visit. Hopefully, this summer will be a chance for some nice long talks by the pool while the kids cavort!

Another Monday has begun . . . another week to be the Momma to these five.  I certainly hope that you are all facing this new week with the same joy and gratitude that I feel. The blessing and honor of motherhood is a gift that I don't accept lightly. Weekends like this, spent together with my family, remind me that the charge of my life is a holy calling - even if it feels hectic and crazy for hours at a stretch. And I'm a grateful Momma, to be called to this Gang!


Aus said...

Very cool weekend - yeah - busy in the extreme - but cool! It's called living - when you are all worn out - remember that!! (And cool on the new tech stuff too - got to love good tech!!)

hugs - aus and co.

ComfyDenim said...

What a fantastic telling of your fantastic weekend. :-) I went to the movies with my mom - and while I was there, I got a text message from a friend who was thinking of us. Her simply phrase + Holy Spirit = new character. i saw the character. it excited me so much ... I knew there had to be a damsel. Because I'm a hopeless romantic and there needs to be at least a little romantic interest...I got that on Saturday.

I'm thrilled.

Other than that. There wasn't much going on.