Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wild Olives Big Give Away!

There's a fabulous new contest going on over at Wild Olive Tees. They have re-designed and re-released their Hope for Haiti shirt and 100% of the proceeds are going directly to Haiti relief efforts, via Eyes Wide Open International (click here). I'm LOVIN' the re-design of this shirt and am fixin' to place my order right now.

Frankly, between you and me, I am glad they redesigned.
Gray was never my best color. :)
But I was willing to take one for the team
In fact, I was on the site to buy it
when I stumbled upon this blog post about the change.

So, head over to this post and get all the skinny on how to get one of these great tees for yourself. And while you are at it, join the contest fun and spread the word. The more shirts they SELL, the more money goes to the relief efforts!

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Aus said...

Just played a couple days catch up - mostly spending time playing with Chase and cleaning and putting away - and all that kinda junk! Glad you guys survived tiwh blizzard of 2010! It looks like ya'll got a might more than we did - but the snow blower paid for itself again this year!!

Oh - and these shirts do nothing for my figure!

hugs - aus and co.