Friday, February 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

A few weeks ago, I asked you to pray for a couple families that were traveling to meet their new children. I don't know if you followed their stories or not. Two of the families are home and the third should be soon - pray for them: they are scheduled to travel home during the bulk of the storm that is threatening the majority of the South and East coast.

In the meantime, you MUST go HERE
to see an answer to prayer now at home,
settling in and being loved.

You can also go HERE
to peek in on a re-cap
of a family's first meeting.
What a story!

Both homes, fuller and richer. Both families, reveling in the sound of new, sweet giggles. Luxuriating in hugs and kisses. Drowning in joy. Something beautiful, indeed.


Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing these links. Such beautiful stories.

Aus said...

Hey GM - thanks for the prayer request! Must have worked - we were about 6 hours behind the storm, and it didn't effect us at all - except for a couple short flight delays for de-icing the wings! We're home - it's 0630 and we've only been out of bed a couple hours - so we're getting closer to the eastern time zone - and - oh - we're also happy, the boy is so cool - but I'm afraid that he 'already' had a nick name when we got him Sho Jin Di (sp) (said 'shaow gin dee') and translated into Little Emperior. He is that - thinking he's large and incharge! Ya know what else? It's all good!

hugs - aus and co.