Friday, November 21, 2008

Spread the Word!

This note was forwarded to me by a friend, after I'd seen it appear on a couple of the Chinese adoption and special needs forums to which I belong. Please consider sharing it with those whom you know that may have connections within the Chinese adoption community. As you read, you will see why the need for prayer for this family is so great. And why spreading the word about their need might just help them save their little girl.

My daughter Lydia was adopted from Guangdong Province China on July 5, 2004. In August 2008, she was diagnosed with AML, a very pernicious and deadly form of leukemia. With the help of her Chinese-born doctor, we were able to locate her birthparents and some of her siblings in China that her family kept. We know she had at least two sisters older than she (born somewhere between 1993 and 2002) who were also abandoned. The birthparents have refused to assist with her bone marrow transplant, even though two of her already-found siblings were a match. We are now looking for these other potential siblings to see if they were adopted and might also be a match.

Lydia is part of the Hakka ethnic group, and so a match from someone other than a relative is unlikely because of her unique, almost bi-racial typing. Lydia has classic Hakka features: “Brooke Shields" eyebrows, and rather full lips and a round face. Photos have been posted of Lydia and her birth family on their Caring Bridge website.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to lend.


Monica Miyashita
website name: lydialimeieikomiyashita


julie said...

Oh my, what a horrible thing. I will definitely be praying for this family and there sweet little girl.

~~ said...

Oh how sad they were unwilling to help... ;( I pray they can find her other two sisters who were adopted!