Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My new cyber-friend, Aus, and his wife tagged me for this meme. I "met" Aus and his wife when they started following our blog during our China trip. They were consistently helpful with their knowledge of the country and encouraging all the way. If you notice, their comments even since we've been home have been in the same vein. That's one of the things I love about this new "family" we find ourselves in the midst of - the international adoption community is tight-knit and so helpful. There's a real "you can do it!" mentality that we've so appreciated!

So anyway, I've been tagged for this particular several times recently and just never got around to doing it. If you are reading this, please play along! Just leave a comment to let me know you played. And then link up to me. Otherwise, have fun reading this mish-mosh of crazy random-ness about me :)

7 Random Things About Me

  • I am still friends with my best friend from Kindergarten. That’s 35+ years and counting for those of you who are trying to do the math in your head. I think we are perfectly matched and besides my hubby, she’s the best friend God could have ever given me.
  • My husband is appalled that I can drink day-old coffee. My words to him (just this afternoon, again, in fact!): “I don’t care what the actual coffee tastes like. If there’s room in the mug for my sugar-free hazelnut creamer, throw it in the microwave. Not down the drain!”
  • I have struggled all my life with keeping my relationships in the right priority. However, I also despised the label “social butterfly” and still do. I do not "flit." I form deep, lasting and meaningful friendships that usually end up meaning more to me than to many of those I am/was in relationship with.
  • I cannot stand to leave my toe-nails unpainted once April comes around. But once it's November, I could care less what my feet look like. Inside my FABULOUS shoes, that is.
  • I am seriously afraid that my two junior-high boys are already smarter than me. Please, don’t tell them – they haven’t quite figured it out yet. And it’s still endearing when they come to me for help with homework. A little scary, but endearing nonetheless.
  • The first big snow of the season gets me totally excited, sentimental, and domestic. After that, I’m done: “bring on the spring!”
  • I love unusual jewelry. Hand-made, cultural or ethnic. I could stand in those craft booths forever looking at all the cool earrings and pins. When I find one that “speaks to me,” I have to have it. I tend to lose my frugality in the face of funky accessories.
There you have it. The good, the bad, and the weird. All in my little head. Aren't you lucky you aren't me?!

Come on, play along and join the fun - what quirky and random things are lurking in your brain today?


Mervy said...

hey - i like day-old coffee too, but I don't need the creamer (or to heat it up)!

I decided to place my 7 random facts about me on my blog...something different!

Aus said...

See - another thing to like about you - I'll have 6-8 cups a day ....but hey....Braelyn won't let me sleep anyway!

Thanks for playin!

aus and family

Beverly said...

I'm playing with you!