Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pray for this Family

Many of you remember me asking for prayer for little Susannah. Her mother and I "met" on a special needs forum that we both belong to, and they were slated to travel to China when we did. We had hoped to meet up in Guangzhou for a "face-to-face" but Susannah's health was too critical and their whole trip was expedited in order to get her home for the treatment that could help save her life. I am happy to report that Susannah is home with her family and they are doing well. Certainly not out of the woods and not completely healed yet. But God has worked miracle after miracle for that family and I am thoroughly enjoying their updates. They are so diligent to give all credit and honor to His name and to His Body for the support and coverage they have experienced through this journey.

Well, today Susannah's mother posted a few prayer requests from other families with whom she has connections. This story caught me particularly hard. I don't know if it's because of our connection to the adoption community, or the beauty of little Sydney's precious smile and bright, engaging eyes. All I know is that I feel called to pray for this precious one. And I'd ask that you join me in those prayers.

We have an amazing God, who does amazing things on our behalf. I've had His amazing works happen to me - this summer's journey to our Li'l Empress is proof that you all got to be witness to. You've had God move on your behalf, I know you have. Won't you join me now in praying for His healing hand of mercy and strength to be on this little girl now?


Aus said...

Considered her - and the family - prayed for! What a darling child!

hugs -

aus and family

Chad and Sandy said...

Oh my goodness! THANK YOU! What a gift.....


Bobby & Regina said...

We are praying for this sweet little girl and her family! A local friend had emailed me her story a few days ago, and it just breaks your heart. Our Father can do all things we ask within His will, and we will pray His will for her to be healed! Love, Regina