Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Can't Even Blame It On Hormones

Most of you probably remember my post about stepping back from my responsibilities and volunteer work in preparation for our Li'l Empress. In addition to that, we have shut out most of the world outside the front door for the entire month of October. I've said "no" to most everything extra this month: most play dates, lunches out, and my regular circuit of errands and such. I've given up (for a short season) my time at Curves and stopped visiting the library. Except for occasional doctor appointments, I've generally stayed out of the loop of everything but my kids' school work. I'm loving it.

But as my self-imposed hibernation draws to a close and things are starting to appear on my calendar and my "To Do" list (can you believe I've made it almost 6 weeks now without an extensive "To Do" list?! I'm so proud of myself! That's the longest ever!), I am finding myself strangely scattered and slightly shocked at how out of control my days become.

I was so relieved and excited to read this post, especially last night. It's written by a cyber-friend who adopted a daughter from China, just before The Boss and I were there. She's funny, sarcastic, and very real about who and where she is in life.

(A freebie, thrown in just cuz I love ya all:
If you have time, surf around her site a bit - her story of their journey to Emme is a beautiful testimony of God's hand print on our lives. When we experienced our bumpy journey through the failed referral this past summer, This Gal was amazingly supportive and encouraging. She was walking a similar story and living to tell about it.)

So anyway, I read this post and just laughed. I am so not the only one. Go, read the post. You'll see what I mean. Then come back. Please, come back! You can read the other stuff later.

Okay, so you see, I am not the only one!

Wednesday morning, AFTER the boys left for school at 7:25 a.m. with our approval to stay late for their friends' football game, I remembered that The Boss and I would be gone for a series of specialists appts. for Li'l Empress and we'd likely not be back in time to meet the other two kids' bus. Ooooops! One quick call to my sister, and I got outta that one. Thanks, Sis!

We walked into the ultrasound office for a 9:40 appointment (Early I might add! I was feeling mighty good about the morning at this point.). Only to have the nice receptionist lady tell me that Li'l Empress was scheduled to visit them at 1:30 p.m. Not feeling so good any more. Oooops, AND I forgot the doc's order and prescription form for these appointments. Darn!

Thank. Goodness. that all our appointments are being done within the CHOP network. The kind receptionist accessed our patient file and informed me that my 9:40 was just across the parking lot in the next building. Across the windy and cold parking lot, which by the way is quite scenic. I should know. I drove around it twice trying to find a parking spot close to the door that I ACTUALLY needed to be using. The Boss had the right idea, he just walked across the median and waited for me at the desk. Hummmph!

And that other appointment I made for next week? "Ma'am, we plan to do all of it today in this office at one time. Get two or 3 birds killed with one stone, so to speak." So, I didn't need to be on hold three weeks ago for 40 minutes trying to coordinate the appointment with The Boss's schedule of meetings so we could visit his staff the same day and introduce Li'l Empress? Greeeaaaaat. Great.

The upside is one less appt. for Li'l Empress. The down side? I felt like a dork for most of the morning, relying on kind receptionists and staff members to tell me where to go, what door to use, when to wipe my drool, and please for pete's sake, blink. I guess my dazed and confused look was getting to them. Hummmmph!

I can't even blame all this on hormones.
Unless PMS counts.
For like, the last five weeks.


April Isaacs said...

Thanks for your kind words:-) I feel I have learned a great deal from you and your story also.

LOL at your story. Totally sounds like something I would do!! As sick as it sounds, it feels so good to know that I am not the only one:-) I'm sorry you had to be the one to make me feel better.

You know, we, or people in general, are so gracious about mistakes- like you and I both had. I think we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. I don't talk to anyone the way I talk to and put down myself. GOd seems to be convicting me of that this morning!

I am glad we are cyber-friends!:-)


Livin' Life said...

Both of you are so funny! I haven't adopted a child and I feel just as crazy some days. You are an amazing mom and I would vote for you and your friend for Mom of the Year because you are real moms making this world a better place for all of us and your family!!!

Hang in there, I know you will be triumphant. You are were with the other 4 and you will be for Lil' Empress.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

The receptionists are used to telling people where to go. It is actually really helpful to look a bit dazed and confused.

Is the square there finished with whatever work they were doing?

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Hmmm...I can relate so well. And my world changed almost one year ago with the homecoming of my beauties.
I used to be so much better together and task oriented. Oh well, I'm not alone.

TCKK said...

How funny! It doesn't get any better when they're older either. At least not for me. Mine are 14 and 17 and I still forget everything. My kids remind me to make dentist appointments for them. It's just crazy!!! But you know what. The kids survive thanks to the Lord. :)

ComfyDenim said...

You, sweet lady, are now under the influence of a toddler. Drool away.
but whatever you do, remember to breathe.

Aus said...

Hey - we've all had 'days' - and since (I'm told - I don't really believe) that I like to tell people where to go - does that mean that I'm a receptionist? Sorry - it's just been one of those days! I trust that your youngest gang member is doing as well as you hoped?

hugs -

aus and family

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Hi,first, I love reading April's blog too. :)

Hey, don't stress over the little things of life that don't go the way they perhaps could have. We do the best we can and with His grace that is all we can do.

You little girl is adoreable!! Hope you are well.