Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh the Pink! Oh the Prices!

LadyBug and I stopped by B*bies R U$ today, on the way home from hand-delivering visa paperwork to our agency. We had in mind to start investigating strollers, car seats, and monitors. Well, LadyBug really wanted to shop for bibs, and dresses, hats, and socks, too. But we restrained ourselves and limited our focus to the task at hand.

OH MY GOODNESS! Have you SEEN the prices of strollers lately? Of car seats? And what in the world is up with Rolls Royce-style strollers and car seats, while I'm hyperventilating about it?

I could NOT believe my eyes when I spied the tags affixed to these chariots of wonder. I mean, I'm all about a comfy ride and all (have I ever mentioned how much I love my H@nda @dyssey?), but MY WORD! Do these first time parents know that their precious little new bundles of joy are going to poop and pee and puke on these beautiful works of baby art and precision engineering? I'm thinking these little cutie pies do not know that Mommy and Daddy paid a ka-zillion smackeroos for their new spit-up targets. I'm thinking that these little sweeties would care a whole lot more about where they aimed their body fluids if they did.

And why does one need to spend a goo-gillion bills on a "MONITOR SYSTEM?" Do we really need to spy on Jr. from 70 different angles in the room and broadcast it to the kitchen, the master suite, AND the back patio? Do these little munchkins have so much to say of such import that only HEARING them on a little tiny monitor speaker (without, GASP, a video screen!) will make us miss amazing gold nuggets of truth and wisdom mingling in their baby babble? Really, all I remember my Gang saying (when I actually remembered to turn the darned thing on!) was pearls like "goo," and occasionally a random "mama" or "dada" if we were really lucky. I mean, I don't need a MONITOR SYSTEM to tell me that my three boys were gassy. (Are still gassy. Will likely always be gassy. Ugh.)

I was quite captivated with a couple of the choices of strollers and car seats on the showroom floor, and even found myself seriously contemplating an all-pink stroller. I'll bet those of you who know me well are falling off your chairs in shock right now. I know, I know. But when you wait for 2 years (heck, I've been waiting for waaaaaaaay longer than that if we count the dream stages!) for a precious baby girl with chubby cheeks and an impish grin, being immersed in all that pink makes you a little buggy. (Excuse the pun. It was entirely intended.)

But the prices? Those just made me crazy. And downright scared. I mean, we have at least two weddings to start saving for. Come on!

*Update: I whole-heartedly agree with my commenter, God's Grace in Practice. I'll just say it more strongly: Stay away from second-hand car seats, unless you KNOW FOR A FACT the total history of the seat. Period. They DO expire, they DO get recalled. We DO miss recall notifications for lots of reasons. They do wear differently under different environmental conditions.
It's worth buying new over this issue!

Okay, stepping off my soapbox. . . . .


ComfyDenim said...

Two words: Craig's List.
And then two more words: Hand me downs. Well that's actually 3 words.

I bet there's someone out there just waiting to give you just may not have met them yet.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I know it's hard, but stay away from Babies R Us and shop the internet. Babies R Us is waaaay overpriced on things unfortunately. We decided to skip the baby monitor since Sofia was 11mos. when we got her and to tell you the truth, we never once needed it. I think it's fabulous to get a pink stroller though. I hope you have fun shopping for your girl.


Hands-Free Heart said...

Yep... I was going to give my 2 words: Consignment Sales
And two more words: Second-hand shops
I got a wonderful toddler stroller from a second-hand shop. I think it's called Gr@co City Lite. I highly recommend it.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

They do have coupons twice a year for like $10 or $20 off those kinds of items. I have to say that I am VERY wary of second hand car seats. I just don't think it's worth the risk. They do expire and if they were even in a minor accident, they aren't safe anymore.

However, strollers are another story. You could also wait till someone gives you a gift card?

Melissa said...

I for baby shower gifts has become a task in trying to find someone "to go in with" to afford to buy anything on the list!

But, overall, how fun for you!!! Go pink!

Carol said...

I'm going to the Outlets this weekend....can't wait to buy some more pink! Sorry but I waited 12 years for my girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember doing and saying the SAME things last year!!!!!! The price of baby "stuff" has tripled in 6 years!! Second hand stores for pack & play, stollers...but I paid WAY too much for a car seat that as you soooo beautifully stated has been peed on and thrown up on :( Happy shopping and IF you need someone to shop with give a call :)

Diane (AKA Josh's mom and the rest of the gang too)

julie said...

Oh my gosh, your little girl is beautiful. I havn't checked in for a while and I had no idea all this wonderful stuff was going on. Congratulations!!!!!

I bought a Peg Perego double stroller when my second son was born. It was expensive but it lasted for two more kids and finally died after nine years of use right on Main Street USA at Disneyland. When I had Paige I bought a cute (but not to expensive) girly stroller that broke after nine months. She had a total of 3 "cheaper" strollers. Sometimes it pays for quality.

Just my two cents.

Enjoy shopping!!!

Tiffany (westhafer) said...

we have 2 boys now 15months apart. We have an eddiebauer stroller/carseat with 2 bases. blue (i know not girly) it's in great shape. my first only used the car seat for 4 months.(now we have a double) anyway we're looking into selling it and thought i'd let you know. we can email you pics if you'd like and let you know more if you're at all interested.
we're still in the hbg area