Wednesday, August 20, 2008

By the Numbers

I've been doing a lot of numbers tracking lately. Tracking my spending, watching the checkbook, price-comparing for baby needs and school supplies, stream-lining our calendar, and watching stats in the adoption community. I am not a numbers gal. Not at all. But watching the trends in the forums to which I belong in the adoption world has become a bit of an obsession. I mentioned the other day that I desire Aidan to be home sooner than later for more than just the obvious reasons of wanting to hug and kiss those chubby little cheeks. The numbers that go into watching these trends never concerned me terribly much before we got our Letter of Approval. Now, I'm checking the boards often, reading up on other families who have stats similar to ours. It's been driving me a little nuts. For example, here's our family's adoption journey, broken down into "stats" for the boards I'm on:

LID: (log-in-date, date that the CCAA entered our dossier into their queue) 12/16/06
DOR: (date of referral, date on which we rec'd Aidan's records to review) 7/14/08
LOI: (Letter of Intent, date on which we submitted our formal intent to adopt Aidan) 7/16/06
PA: (Pre-Approval, date which CCAA acknowledges our intent to adopt Aidan) 7/23/08
LOA: (Letter of Approval, date on which the CCAA formally accepted our petition to adopt Aidan) 7/31/08
TA: (Travel Approval, date which signifies our approval to make plans to come to China) pending
CA: (Consulate Appointment, date on which Aidan formally becomes the newest Gang member by the US gov't) pending

And then came the Olympics. A whole 'nother set of numbers to track. Overall medal counts, gold medal counts, gymnastics scores, tenths of seconds, hundred'ths of seconds. . . . . Oy! This obsession of mine has risen to a whole new level. Again, I'm not even a numbers gal. Normally, decimals make me cringe and fractions make me cry. My eyes are bleary, my body is aching, and my head is pounding.

Or . . . could it be that my head is pounding because of Shaggy's new toy? Mmmmm, what do you think?

To be fair, he really is very good.
Naturally gifted. Really.
It's just very loud. And the whole she-bang
sits just below my computer area.
Under an un-insulated floor,
in our echo-ey cement basement.
But he is really very good.
Loud. But good.


Livin' Life said...

i love watching and waiting with you all. We came very, very close to adopting this past week. Things ended up going a different direction(which was all God and the baby went to a great family) but we are now on an adoption waiting list for a girl. You guys are an inspiration.

Must be something in the name Shaggy. My Shaggy is into drums to and would love a set like that.

Mervy said...

Nice drums! ...Wonder where he got them ...

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Drums is the one instruments I hope my kids don't have a serious interest in. They are LOUD!

I get obsessed with list making, which is kind of what your numbers are.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you got your LOA quickly. We've been waiting 8 weeks now for ours.
We really like to go get her in Oct.