Monday, May 5, 2008

Fresh From My Garden

Baby Blue Eyes wants me to be sure
to tell you all that he wishes
you could smell 'yem'
cuz 'yem' smell 'weeally' good!
He's right.


Classic Mama said...

Aww! I wish I could smell yem!! I weeally, weally do!! I love it when they talk like Baby Bear.

pups n horses said...

they are beautimous!! i think flowers brighten any room.

wheresthebox said...

What a beautiful bouquet! We need smell-o-vision for blogs. :)

Anonymous said...

Noticed your Shoppers Idea Exchange profile invitation to visit. Nice blog. Don't know how you do it all. Your children will some day rise up and call you "supermom".

Benjamin H

Becoming Me said...

Beautiful. I had a nice visit at your blog.

ComfyDenim said...

That is precious! Tell BBE that I'm trying really hard to imagine how they must smell!!
They are gorgeous!!