Friday, May 9, 2008

Favorites Friday is back!

I haven't done a Favorites Friday in a few weeks - seems as if my Fridays have been either too incredibly busy to allow for proper rumination and development of a scintillating topic. Or they've been too impossibly quiet and boring which thereby numbs my brain against proper rumination and development of a scintillating topic. Today is neither incredibly busy nor is it impossibly quiet. I'm sitting here listening to the conversations between Baby BlueEyes and "GoH Jus" Niece as they create their egg carton caterpillars (the absolute stretch of my creative crafty-mom pursuits!) and the steady drum of rain on the roof. All the makings of a perfect Friday morning. Especially now that I've gotten out all my big words for the day (and quite possibly the whole weekend) in the above sentences.

My mom's birthday was this week. And with Mothers' Day looming, I thought I'd share with you some of my Favorite things about my mom. This format is taken from a little survey that we had to complete for a Mother~Daughter luncheon I attended at her church last weekend with my sister, her girls and my LadyBug. I hope from it you can capture a bit of what makes my mom so amazing. And what makes all of us love her so incredibly much. She's a very special woman and I'm happy to share her with you in this way.

My Favorite Things About My Mom

Something funny about my Mom - One of the funniest things about my mom is that she can’t get through a joke (or at least a really good one!) without cracking herself up! Another is that her Boston accent returns briefly almost every time she talks with her mom or her sisters!

Something I admire about my Mom - I admire my mother’s wisdom and compassion – she’s got a gift for meeting you where you are at, but not leaving you there. I love that when I talk to her about parenting or marriage or ministry in my local church, she always gives me another perspective to think about when we're done. (See, Mom, I DO listen to you! Honest!)

A special memory of my Mom - A favorite memory of my mom is when she stayed overnight in the hospital with me when Shaggy was born. I was so scared, now that he was actually “here,” and in a lot of pain from the delivery. When I started to go into shock overnight, she got right on the nurses to get me some help and was so encouraging when I started to nurse. I also loved the sight of her holding her first grandbaby – it was thrilling!

Something that distinguishes my Mom from all other women - My mother’s anointing to be a godly mother-figure to the many younger women in her life is something that distinguishes her from other women in our lives. She carries that anointing with grace and humility and is very real and approachable in her ministry to all of us!

And an add-on to the original questions, Something that I hope to emulate from my Mom's life - I hope to grow into a steady, "rock of the family" woman that all my family knows that they can count on. I watch what my Mom is walking through as her mom ages, and I am amazed at her steadiness, her resolve, and her faithfulness to honor her mother's independence and still be sure that my Grandmother's health is prioritized. It can't be easy to watch her mother become more and more frail and I'm humbled by the way she's handling it all. Her whole family KNOWS that she can be counted on to make wise choices and it's a blessing to watch.

Happy Mothers' Day Mom.
I love you
Though I may not say it often enough,
You Are My Hero.
I want to be just like you when I grow up.


BevMama said...

so sweet! I think I will "borrow" your format questions for my mother's day post -- I have been struggling with how to start it!
Thanks! And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!


Kateri said...

You are so good with words, as always! Thank you for sharing your mother with us today. What a Fantastic Friday Favorite!
Happy Mother's Day to you,