Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The BEST Man Won!

From his achingly sweet audition tape to his outrageous performance with ZZ Top. From his amazing rendition of "Hello" to his KICK BUTT version of "Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For." Looking every inch the true American Idol that he is, the best man won it all.

America has found what it was looking for.
Finally, an American Idol for grown-ups!
I have no other words. Except, I told you so! :)


Manic Mom said...

Diva bawled her head off. I was stunned America voted RIGHT (even after my shock over my crush getting voted off WAAAAY too early!) but yes, the man is gorgeous. The man can sing! The man has I D O L written all over him!

Kate said...

nuff said.....HOOOORAAAYYY for Cook, two works....TWELVE MILLION! Oh yeah, the adults finally kicked it into gear this year! Yay!!! :D

WherestheBox said...

I'm so happy for you, oh I mean for him! I haven't watched the last few weeks but reading about the performances on Tuesday night I was thinking Mr. A. was going to win. Glad to see that Cook pulled through. :)

CurlyGirl said...

Yeah! I was watching last night, and hoping they left time to announce the winner. LoL. They sure did keep us waiting until the last minute :D

Swishy said...

LOVE him! As you know ;)

mandy said...

enjoyed your comment on my blog today - thanks for stopping by!!!!
have a great weekend.
mandy - just a girl