Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Notes In The Lunch Box

LadyBug has a tiny appetite. And she's a social butterfly. So there are many, many days that she brings home up to half of her lunch. After all, one cannot possibly adequately catch up with one's little girlfriends about the latest in Littlest Pet Shop news AND eat a full lunch in 25 minutes, now can one? :) At least she usually eats the healthier, more nutritious stuff first. I'm okay with her skipping the dessert portion and saving it for an after school snack. I'm quite curious as to how a child of mine can skip dessert, but I'm okay with it.

However, it appears that Dr. Doolittle isn't okay with food left uneaten. Especially when it's obviously been purposed for a particular meal in a particular location at a particular time. More especially when that time happens to be a lunch period that he shares with his sister. How do I know this? Here's the note (to himself) that I found in his lunch box this morning:

"Ask (LadyBug) for her leftovers at lunch today!"

I'm still shaking my head and chuckling.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Oh my!

Carol said...


Livin' Life said...

Isn't it amazing what kids think of?! That's great. I am a little envious of the Littlest Pet shop and little girlfriends thing. What I wouldn't give for a tea party at my house with little princess's instead war games and Darth Vader.