Friday, January 11, 2008

Favorites Friday

I got to do a lot of reading over the Christmas holidays - snuggled into a deep couch with a glass of eggnog or hot coffee and a blanket. It's my favorite way to 'de-tox' and wind down. In addition to my great love for reading, I love to talk about books and authors and learn about others' thoughts and perspectives.

So, today's favorites are some of my favorite recent reads, old and new, or new to me. I certainly didn't read all of these just over the holidays, or I'd never have come up for air to be with those that I love. But I did make sure to quiet myself in a corner frequently - my own little Christmas break!

Some of My Favorite "Recent Reads":
  • Karen Kingsbury - I just read Between Sundays on the trip to and from my folks' house. While it is definitely different in its feel from her Baxter family series, it was no less impacting and powerful. Being in the adoption process, I was especially moved by the foster and adoption story line. A beautiful story by a consistent, gifted and convicting author!
  • Harry Lee Kraus, Jr. - This guy is a surgeon-turned-author. And his medical suspense thrillers are amazing! I've been working my way through as many as I can get my hands on over the past several months. The topics are incredibly relevant (cloning, gene manipulation, abortion, etc.) and if even half of this stuff really happens in the medical community, I feel even more inclined to vote NO to universal health care than I already was feeling!!!!
  • Ron Luce - I've heard about this guy for years, through the various ministries that he's associated with, but I started Battle Cry for a Generation recently. It's a tough read with lots of statistics and facts that can be hard to weed through. But his writing style is compelling and really pulled me in - I didn't even mind (so far!) all the numbers that he kept throwing my way.
  • Liz Curtis Higgs - Recently I re-read her series of the Scottish clan McKie. It's meant to be a fictional re-telling of the story of Rachel and Leah. The settings, the descriptions, and the plot all came together beautifully to expose the hearts of each character and the depth of their need for redemption and forgiveness. I love this series, and I love that I felt like I was in the Highlands right there with them, peeking into their lives. She has that gift with many of her other books I've read!
  • EveryDay with Rachael Ray - I know, it's not a book. But I've been devouring it nonetheless! My wonderful sister-in-law gave me a subscription for Christmas and I've really been enjoying the articles and the recipes. Some of the tips and the make-over ideas are great for spicing up the dinner table this winter. I'll let ya know when I try some of them . . . .
I'd love to hear your impressions of these authors or titles. Maybe you have some new ones to share? After all, it can't stay in the 50's and 60's in the middle of January forever can it? We really ought to be prepared with some good, uplifting and captivating reading for those cold, windy winter nights, shouldn't we?!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I've never read the Rachael Ray magazine, but I really enjoy her in her other mediums. She is just so down to earth and I can resonate with that more that real chef-y type of cooking methods.

It's the midwesterner in me.

I'm not familiar with the other authors too much.

mylittlenest said...

Those sound like some great finds. Love Karen Kingsbury. Hmmm...I might try Kraus.

Melissa said...

I just started Between Sundays today!@ And, the Liz Curtis Higgs McKie series is probably my all time favorite!

Jessica said...

I love Karen Kingsbury.... and I don't know if you know this. But I spent two years in Texas working for Ron Luce's ministry called Teen Mania. I know Ron Luce personally. And let me tell you what you read is really what you get. He is great and so on fire to help change the teens in this world. Just wanted to let you know.