Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy News!

I have a new blogging friend. I "met" her through my sister-in-law, who met HER when they were taking their sons for golf lessons at the course in their town. They got talking, as moms do when following their kids around to various activities. Turns out, they live in the same neighborhood of their small town. Turns out, Kateri is in the process to adopt a daughter from China. From the same agency we are using. Turns out their Log In Date (LID) is just one month prior to ours. My sister-in-law put us in contact back in the summer and we've enjoyed getting to know each other and sharing stories. I pray for her often, enjoying the support of a "sister" who is going through a similar journey to our daughters.

Well, Kateri and her husband have obeyed the calling of the Lord for their family and in December they "switched" from the Non-Special Needs list to the Special Needs list. And in the first week of January, they got their referral! In adoption speak, that means THEY GOT THEIR GIRL! So, they are spending their busy days and nights and weekends preparing the final documentations necessary to travel. Hopefully, they will be traveling in the spring - I think they are shooting for April. There is much to be done, a lot of loose ends must come together, and the Lord needs to move on the hearts and the bureaucratic process of Immigrations Services (USCIS) to coordinate all this.

Additionally, they need our prayers and if I may be so bold, they need some financial support. The Special Needs list tends to move quicker than the traditional route for adoption, so coming up with the final funds has to happen sooner than they had originally planned. She doesn't know I'm doing this, but can you consider heading over to her blog and reading her story? While you are there, let the Lord speak to you about what you can do for little Alayna Fu Chang. You can find them all, and their amazing story (back up a few posts to get the whole picture!) at this link below:

Journey to The Five of Us

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pups n horses said...

Its funny because when we think of special needs we think that these children need extra special care....but in truth what we would find is that these children give the world what it "needs" and that is in itself something "special". If any of us had given birth to a child that was born perfect in Gods eyes, but not quite perfect in world's eyes....could a parent love them any less? I think any parent would love them that much more because they were given the gift of holding a real angel in their arms.

My nephew was born special needs and the doctors said he wouldn't make it into his teens years --- apparently those doctors never met God.