Thursday, October 25, 2007

On Bad Haircuts and Sermons, Part I

Recently, my hair stylist called to say that she was leaving the chain salon she was currently managing to join a more up-scale (she means pricey!) full service salon a few towns over. That phone call rocked my world. And created all sorts of dread and panic that only a woman could possibly understand!

See, when I lived in South Central PA, I had the world's BEST stylist. I started with her upon the recommendation of one of the patients in the dental practice where I worked as a receptionist. We clicked, and she quickly became a friend as well as the best stylist I'd ever been to. She was completely honest about what my hair could do and couldn't do and was great about pulling and pushing me off the ledge when I'd waffle about trying something "new" with my hair. I'm not foolish enough to believe that my hair is so incredibly unique and that no one could ever experience the same angst I do about my hair and its temperamental nature. But I am certain that there are a few things that make my hair a bit more difficult to work with than the average head of hair. Say, for example, the ridiculous number of cowlicks (what a gross word!) on my lone little head. And the rug-like thickness it tends toward. And the wiry, coarse texture that consistently dries out at the drop of a hat.

So when I moved here to South Eastern PA, I actually spent the first year or so travelling back to my stylist. It was cheaper (for the cut, not the gas!), it gave me a chance to keep up with friends and it kept me looking fine :) However, after a while, The Boss encouraged me to look around and find someone closer. By at least 2 hours! After several mishaps, unfortunate cuts and over processed (read platinum blonde) highlights, I found Jen G (cue singing angels and rays of light falling on her name). She was a godsend - I don't say that lightly. She fixed a botched cut, texturized like a dream and was cheaper than even my stylist/friend back "home." I was happy, The Boss was happy, the checkbook was happy.

Until the phone call. Which led to a really bad haircut. That looks NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING like the THREE pictures I brought to the new stylist I tried. At one point, there was shaving of my head going on. This, after emphasizing that I was GROWING it out for a softer look. Two weeks later, I'm still catching sight of myself and gasping at just how short it looks. There's so much more to the story, but I will save that for a later installment. But let's just say, at least the checkbook is happy. This cut only cost $15 and I won't need another till April. Maybe February if I drink lots of milk and fruits and veggies!


Melissa said...

You made me chuckle! I'm hearing you!

My hair gal had cancer and took a year off after going to her faithfully (she's #1's bff's mom)for 8 years, I felt like I was cheating on her for a year and getting bad haircuts on top of it!

I'm happy to report she's cancer-free and been back to cutting my hair for the last year EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT IT.

TCC said...

Oh...I feel for you.

Yes, it is only hair but it is amazing how much smoother things go when a good cut/color is given. I have mourned the loss of a great stylist in the past. I am so NOT kidding. Thankfully I really like who I've been going to but I cannot lie - she's not cheap.

Prayerfully, by the time you need your next cut, you will be able to find just the right person.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

This is part of the reason I don't go to any one stylist religiously. I go to the same place, but I allow different people to do my hair. That way, when one leaves, I don't feel bad.

Good luck with your hair. I hate haircuts in general. Too much stress.

Promises Fulfilled said...

I totally understand what you mean! I also mourned the loss of a great hair stylist (same as TCC, I am assuming). I tried a couple of different people, and I did NOT like the result (for instance - I do not want a bob, and described what I wanted - guess what my hair looked like...a bob!!! not happy! That was a few years ago - I hear that she is much better, but not for me!)

For now, I am going to a very good friend of mine - and she does a good job, but I do miss my previous one!

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to comment. I too, had a tried and true person. Her name was Nadine. We had to part ways because her shop closed and she said I could come to her house. I was willing to but then she uttered two very bad words - parallel park. And that was the end of our relationship. I can't parallel park to save my life. That was approx 7 years ago. I recently found the gal of my dreams. Her name is Christie and she has me in an out in 1 hour - all for $25. All is now right with the world. I will pray for you. Vrginia.