Friday, October 26, 2007

Favorites Friday (not)

We interrupt regularly scheduled Favorites Friday to bring you an important message. Favorites Friday will (hopefully!) resume its normal programming next week. :)

I'm taking today to brag on The Boss a little bit. Last night, he and his team won the prestigious Human Resources Department Of The Year award for Excellence In Technology. This award is given by Human Resources professionals in the Philly region each year, to acknowledge significant HR advances and innovations and we are very proud of The Boss and his peers.

The award was given to recognize the HR Information Systems Department at Children's Hospital for their conversion to a more paperless and more user-friendly database (among other more technical gobbedly-gook that I really don't understand!). The team spear-headed the project to place kiosks all over the CHOP campus, allowing employees individual access to their own information (benefits, compensation, etc.) and giving managers/supervisors access to updating and managing their employees' information themselves. The Boss's team has gone from a data-entry environment to a database management environment and they are all to be commended on the very long hours, the new things they've had to learn, and the ownership they all share over this innovation. It's improving the lives of all the employees and helping CHOP do more to support the people who are all there to save kids' lives.

So, huge kudos to the HRIS team and the IT team at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Your hard work and long hours of planning, scheming, strategizing, and troubleshooting have been greatly appreciated and now widely recognized! You should all be very proud of yourselves and your efforts. And to The Boss's team: a very special THANK YOU from me, for all your support and participation and "buy-in" - you make it pleasant to be the wife of such a hard-working, focused and motivated Boss :)


Kindy Peaslee said...

Congrads "Boss" -- I'm very proud of you! The Nutrition Entrepreneur in Upstate New York

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Congratulations! I hope they got some sort of prize or free lunch or something too!

I'll look out for the kiosks next time i'm at Chop.

mylittlenest said...

I'm proud of you, bro! Way to go CHOP. Thanks for sharing the news.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cool coverage on the CHOP-HRIS Tech Team award. It was a blast to win.

Glad that you found the silver lining with your new cut (forgiveness does that to us.) God's Blessings come in all shapes and sizes (even a 2-short cut). I just cut my hair shorter that it's ever been & it is a breeze to style (I almost don't care what it looks like :-)

Thanks again for the kuddos. Glo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kuddos! Virginia