Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm a Volunteer!

Today was my orientation to be a library volunteer at our elementary school. I checked books in for the 4th grade class that was there learning how to use different library resources, and then learned how to check the books out. I know that without a doubt this classifies me as a total geek, but I LOVE libraries. Big ones, little ones, community libraries, school libraries, whatever their shape and size. I love them! All those books with their smooth, beautiful covers. The printed words in various shapes and fonts and colors. The smell of ink and bindings and paper. I love them! And I got to play with the bar code scanner machine to do the checking in and out. What more could a geek ask for?!

I had to bring Baby Blue Eyes with me. So he sat in the back at a reading table with a coloring book, books on tape, his new Webkin dog, and his big blue eyes watching all the kids swarming around him during their library treasure hunt. About half-way into our time there, I looked up to see him completely surrounded by 4th graders, looking at his bag, handling his Webkin and talking to him a mile a minute. He looked okay, not too overwhelmed, but holding his own quietly. Normally, I'd "rescue" him (he doesn't love crowds, nor does he love strangers touching his toys). But I wanted to see what he was going to do. After a minute or two, the librarian actually stepped in, hushed all the kids and asked Baby Blue Eyes if HE'D like to say anything. He solemnly shook his head, "no," and she scurried all the chatty patties off to finish their work. I asked him later if it was okay that they were all talking to him at once and he admitted that he didn't really like it. But the perk of "hanging out" with all the big kids and seeing his big sibs' library was enough to assuage that stress, I think. Plus, the other very nice librarian gave us our own library number and let him take out his first "school book" about Giant Animals of the World. Next time, I get to check out some parent resources. Yes! Our library has a shelf or two dedicated just to parents - parenting, home management, crafting, discipline, special needs issues and so on. Oooooh, I can hardly wait!

All in all, a very good morning for Mama Geek and Baby Geekling :)

For clarification purposes, I must tell you all that "geek" has long been a term of endearment in our Gang - we're all very geeky about learning, education, and the like. For example, The Boss is our resident computer geek and it offends him NOT IN THE LEAST when we call him that! Just thought I'd let you all know, we aren't being mean here in the Gang house!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

That's nice that they let you bring your little one with you to volunteer. I don't think all schools do that.

pups n horses said...

I admit I don't spend enough time at the library but I do spend way too much time checking out the books at the local second hand shops, and of course the larger area book stores. There are so many cool books out there...most people have no idea what they are missing. Cool stuff lady T and so glad BBE held his own.

The Literary Gourmet said...

My heart is singing--my life is validated! One of my very favorite parts of being a Library Director is selecting and purchasing resources. All my staff celebrates a weekly Christmas ritual when Mr. UPS man (aka Santa) delivers a shipment of beautiful new books.

Angie said...

From one geek to another, I love libraries, too.

mylittlenest said...

Isn't it great to only hear the turning of pages when you're at a library? LOVE it. We're taking our weekly trip there tomorrow and I can't way. Volunteering would be even better!

CampHillGirl said...

I consider Geek an almost complimentary term, too, and I confess my sister and I reveled in our position as librarians for our local very small library while we in high school. There were, of course, no cool scanners, but typing up library cards for new books and keep everything neat and tidy was very exciting--much more so than keeping our rooms that way. Plus, it was a quiet couple of hours to read to our hearts' content.

Bobby & Regina said...

Send me your private email address - I couldn't find it on your profile.

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