Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your Mom

"Your Mom" jokes are all the rage here at The Gang's house. Shaggy brought them home with him from his YWAM experience, changing it up to make the "your mom" ending super-hyper spiritual, Christian-ese. They are usually quite funny and creative. However, Li'l Empress hasn't quite gotten the hang of them yet. This happened this morning over breakfast.

Li'l Empress sniffed and grimaced while she asked
"What smells like rotten egg in here?"

Baby BlueEyes (oh-so-lovingly) responded quickly,
"You smell like a rotten egg,"

Just as quickly, Li'l Empress started to shoot back,
"Your MOM.... "

And just as quickly, she trailed off in a whisper, looking around uncertainly,
"... is cute."

Do you think this means that the "think before you speak" message is starting to become the rage, too?

One can hope.

One can always hope.

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