Monday, April 7, 2014

12 Months of Mei Mei

Come on in and enjoy the stroll down memory lane 
as we celebrate a year of life with our Mei Mei...
It's never boring, it's not often easy (as of late),
but it's always, always full of love and joy.
We can't imagine life without her!

Our first morning home together with all the Gang!

Her first Mother's Day.

Uh Oh. Ya caught me!

This sassy girl loves her some accessories!

Sweet sisters snuggling.

She also loves her some Minnie Mouse!

This is one of my faves - those chubby cheeks
just kill me!

No first trip to the mall
is complete without a first taste of
CFA, am I right?!

Such a rough month for our girl.
First surgery, sleepless nights, and more.

They love being my little baking buddies together!

 Our little fashionista

 Her favorite new thing is to yell, "Cheese!"
and be on the "taking" side of the camera these days.

Good Morning and Happy Forever!
Today is a beautiful, happy day to look back
and to thank God for the gift she is.
{April 7, 2014}

(She celebrated by eating strawberries with
her breakfast. That's a HUGE milestone in and of itself!!!!)

Happy One Year Mei Mei!
We are so grateful you are ours and we are yours.
You have changed our family in beautiful and necessary ways.
We love you, bunches and bunches and bunches!!!!!!

For a look back at our
adoption trip to China,
(particularly for my newer readers)
you should start by clicking on 
this link: "We Are Here!"
Happy Reading :)


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Congratulations on one year with your beautiful daughter!

Scott and Jane said...

Love seeing how much she has changed over the past year.