Friday, May 10, 2013

Facing Hard Truth

Today marks three weeks since we returned home from China with Mei Mei.

I still hit a "wall" around 4 or 5 every single day. Rather, it feels like a wall hits me. I've taken to calling it my "Wall of Tired."

I know, it's so original and catchy.

I'm still so tired most days, that I cannot form clear thoughts after 7 p.m. Or before 8 a.m. (with a big ole Tigger mug of java in hand).

For example, yesterday morning, I was chastising Li'l Empress for waiting to act on my words until I asked  four times, while holding up three fingers.

Baby BlueEyes very wisely turned away to do his laughing.

In point of fact, the whole gang has enjoyed quite a bit of amusement at the expense of my unfinished sentences and wrongly used words. Apparently, I'm a riot when I'm tired.

I have learned that I am not eloquent, or patient, when experiencing this level of lingering jet lag.


At some point, I suppose I must face the hard truth that at this stage of our "settling in" to our new normal, this is less likely to be lingering jet lag...

...and much more likely to be a very old momma trying to keep up with a very busy, not-quite-two year old.


Hard truth.


And I'll bet with a title like "Facing Hard Truth" you were expecting something much more eloquent and even maybe a little deep or philosophical.


I'll let you know when the {ahem} lingering jet lag has cleared the fog from my brain.

Maybe I'll be sage and thought-provoking then.

Unless it is, in fact, old age.

Then, we're all screwed.



Aus said...

Good morning GM - said with the "happy - lilting - lovely voice" that makes you want to pour me a nice cup of that java, wait until I take a sip - and then slap the flavor right out of my mouth!! ;)

It's jet lag - and it passes - it did for me and it will for you - but our last trip took maybe 5 weeks or so!

And as for the new hair gel - it's all good - and you know it!

hugs - great stuff - and you still sound pretty profound to me!

aus and co.

S.T.S. said...

Keep hanging in there. My friend Leslie over at Recovering Noah has so many days like this. I'm totally on her side when she pushes the easy button for dinner! She says scattered Wendys wrappers and pizza boxes are for days like this.
Is it time to call in the respite team so Mama can get a nap? Or time to call the Meals Ministry so Mama can sit down? My biggest sadness when we adopted last, was no one thought to give us meals, we certainly could have used em! hang in there and get some rest.