Monday, May 13, 2013

A Happy Mother's Day, Indeed.

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend I had with my gang! The Boss's folks came in for a long weekend on Friday afternoon. His sister and her family came in Saturday afternoon. Everyone wanted to meet Mei Mei. It was LadyBug's 14th birthday {sigh. sob.}on Sunday. So we celebrated all three big events together. All weekend long. We ate. We laughed. We watched the kids play together. We ate some more. And I got the exquisite joy of having all 6 of my kids home, together, for the first Mother's Day ever. Knowing that our Gang is now complete, that we are, indeed, "all here" added such a sweet note to the day. I am a blessed momma.

Getting a picture of me and my three girlies
proved almost to be my undoing.
I bought the matching dresses for the little ones
The pictures are not doing the
utter cuteness any justice at all...
I guess that's to be expected with a 22-month old
who moves faster than any shutter speed I know!

LadyBug with her yummy chocolate cake
and the delicious coconut cupcakes from my sweet friend, Kateri.
NO ONE on the planet makes coconut cake
(and cupcakes) like this woman can.

Mei Mei completely agrees.
She sucked the icing off that cupcake
faster than I can even SAY cupcake.
And was so sugared up she practically ran
circles in the kitchen.
If she had a tail, she'd have been chasing it!

LadyBug and her bestie cousin, Alyssa.
They are about a year apart in age.
This is one of the rare sitings of them during our weekend
visit. We always joke that as soon as they get together,
they disappear for the entire visit, whispering and talking together
and catching up on all their girl talk!

Happy Momma with all my gang.
All together. At last.
I just love these kids of mine.

LadyBug has a frame that she likes to keep
filled with a picture of the two of us.
She asked for an updated picture while the camera was clicking.
Now that I see this, I might have to go into the archives
and find one from her chubby little baby days.
This one is giving me a heart attack.

Hope your Mother's Day was beautiful and memorable.

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Aus said...

Good morning GM - glad that mothers day was all you could hope for - love days like that and they become all too rare as the older kids get older!

Great joy for y'all - great joy!

hugs - aus and co.