Friday, November 9, 2012

Designated Pumpkins

LadyBug and I had a ball back at the beginning of October, decorating the inside of the house with all of our fall-themed candles, wreaths, and other cozy decor. Since that afternoon, the inside of the house has been quite festive, cozy, and comforting.

But it made me realize that the outside of our home needed some decor updating to keep up with the season. Once my Eagles flag bit the dust, I dug out the kids' old fall favorite and had Dr. D hang it for me. The sight of Mickey kicking through a pile of leaves makes me smile every time I see it. Even though recent days haven't been terribly sunny, I love the boost I feel when I look at my front porch. Colorful and welcoming - it's always fun to walk up to my front door and see this little scene.

Li'l Empress is particularly proud of this part of the ensemble.

In her words:
"The big pumpkin is the big Daddy pumpkin.
The one on the right is the Li'l Empress pumpkin.
And the itty bitty one on the left is the Mei Mei pumpkin."

She regularly forgets that Baby BlueEyes
was along that night for the pumpkin picking.
I guess she's so focused on her designated pumpkin personalities
that she doesn't realize she's miscounted!

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Aus said...

Love the look - we SO need to spend some time outside wrapping up for the winter - maybe this weekend...

hugs - aus and co.