Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where, Oh Where Have Your Readers Gone?

Oh where, Oh where can they be?

I think I might know.... I mean, after someone else totally told me and explained it all to me in really simple, easy terms..... It doesn't explain where I've been, but....

Lately, I've been pretty far behind in my reading and commenting on ya'll's blogs. I know, I know. I heartily apologize. It's not cuz I don't love ya. Really, it's mostly cuz I'm trying to sort out the new normal that is hopefully very, very temporary, all while trying to manage a couple big things that are going on here at home.

Things that are fairly "every day real life" stuff for The Gang, but still big projects. Things that are BEYOND the big huge employment issue that is looming over the regular every day real life stuff.  Things like seasonal clothes change-overs. Inventorying who needs what for spring and summer once the clothes are changed out. Running the on-line yard sale (prayers for continued sales would be appreciated, thankyouverymuch), and managing the calendar for 7 busy, active Gang members. Phew. I'm tired again, just typing it all.

And in the middle of all that, I'm falling behind on the things that aren't connecting to hungry little (and big!) eyes begging me to find them a snack (again!) or naked little hineys asking me if their pretty brown capris are clean yet. Sheesh, don't these darned kids know how much I miss catchin' up with ya'll?! The nerve.....

Anyhoo, I found something today that I think many of you will really appreciate. It doesn't affect me in my READING of blogs and commenting. No, I already gave you all my whine and excuse for that above. Rather it should help all of you who are wondering where your readers and commenters went.  It's a techy-schmecky kind of thing, particular to those of you who do your reading on a smart phone. I'm still pretty old school. I do all my reading on my desk top. With a big mug o' hot coffee flavored with the sugar free hazelnut creamer cupped in my hands in the wee hours of the morning while the kids are getting themselves up and dressed for school. When I'm really only capable of being an adult presence in the house and not much else. Not that you really care how I read your blog... I know, I'm sorry. I'm working on it.

But this little gem of a post might help you explain why OTHER folks have stopped commenting frequently on your brilliant, witty expositions of life, love, liberty and disco

Oh, wait. That's a Newsboys tune. Sorry. I got caught up in the moment.

Anyhoo, again.  Go HERE and read. It's so easy. I changed my settings and I'm hoping that helps those techy friends of mine to drop me a line a little more often. And if any of you know of a magic pill that would settle things down to a dull roar around here so that I can drop YOU a line a little more often, I'll considered it a fair trade. Got it?! Good.


Chris said...

I am also very, very behind in reading and commenting on blogs. *sigh*

I, too, need to find my new normal. Or any kind of normal...lol!

Thanks for the great tip as far as the comment thing is concerned.

Joy said...

I do hate those. Sometimes I have to go through several sets.

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

I need one of those magic pills too, this time of year gets crazy...the calendar fills up as if I have no control of it. AND we homeschool!!! LOL Blessings to you and yours as we wade through busy days.

groovy mama said...


Commenting is hard...lets see if this works! I have been not able to comment on anyones blog because of whatever...
Anyhow, Hello and how adoption land??????
hugs donna

Aus said...

Yeah - I get what you said - but - ya know - there might be some impact from other 'social media' sites like FB too!!

hugs - aus and co.