Monday, April 23, 2012

We're Nesting Again!

No matter what other changes go on in our lives, one thing remains a constant: we are always working on SOMETHING around this house. The latest project is to start the switching of bedrooms that is necessary to move Li'l Empress into a bigger room suitable for sharing with her mei-mei.  We've been talking about it for months, kind of laying the plans out for the kids, prepping Li'l E and introducing the topic as matter-of-factly as we could, for the sake of helping her see that it's one of the "okay" changes in life. So, while The Boss is job hunting and has some free-er time than the normal pace of a full-time job, we decided it was wise to get started now. We are trusting the Lord for a career position very soon and trying to be sure that there are fewer pressures and "to do's" on his list to accommodate the learning curve that comes with any new job placement.

So, Saturday afternoon, the kids cleaned the baseboards and window sills of both the affected rooms and began packing up Baby Blue Eye's front bedroom and Li'l E's smaller back bedroom.

Li'l Empress's room - Before

Baby Blue Eyes' room - Before, sorta...
Two months ago, I sold all the fire dog and fire truck pics and poster
thinking we'd have started this project much sooner.
I didn't know about all the "surprises" that would distract us
for the last month.

We watched Li'l E carefully (without saying anything to her or the other kids) through the processes of packing up and moving her bed into her brother's room, as we know big changes like this can sometimes trigger anxieties. And frankly, as tired as we are, neither of wanted to be up in the middle of the night with a freaked out four-year old if we could avoid it. She did great, until it was actually time to crawl into the actual bed in her soon-to-be-actual room. Then, she got a little anxious. But we talked about it right away, just matter-of-factly phrasing it as a sleep-over for several days with her brother and as great practice for sharing the room someday soon with mei-mei. She calmed right down and went from her classic over cute "I'm okay" mode into a state of peace and settled right into bed like a champ. I take that as a little victory, considering that all the other changes that have been going on in the house this month have definitely required extra patience and prayer for her to manage. That's a whole 'nuther post for another day....

She definitely was expressing a bit of concern
about the big changes
that were happening to her room. 

Nobody is really sure what to call this.
Is it still BBE's room? Is it Li'l E's room yet?
They have fun trying to figure that out when they talk about it.

I won't tell you everything about the project just yet, rather, I'll leave you with a little bit of a peek to see who of you can figure out what we are doing in there. It shouldn't be too hard, for those of you who know our Baby BlueEyes.

I'm quite excited about the plans for this room.
And Baby BlueEyes is OVER.THE.MOON.

Poor kid - this was the only gift he "really, really, really" wanted for his big 10th birthday. Back in Sep.TEM.ber. Ummm, yeah. Slacker parents. I know.  But really. We still hadn't totally figured out who was moving where and when to accommodate our little Brynna (who didn't even have a name yet, let alone a place to sleep!). So, slacker? Maybe. Indecisive and inconclusive? Definitely.

Keep your eyes peeled, there's more fan-tastic photos of the progress coming soon.

Did ya like how I dropped a big ole
hint on ya there? In that last line? 
I know, I know. 
I'm da bomb.....

It took me forEVAH to come up with 
that little teaser cuz I??? Am. so. fried.
Friends should let friends blog fried.
It's just not pretty.


Aus said...

I dunno - I do some of my best work half fried! ;)

And if my bride sees this and comes up with a painting project (which I hate worse than about anything) - I will skin you!! ;) (OK - not really - but I HATE change!!)

hugs - great work 'so far'!

aus and co.

TCC said...

Love it - all of it - the changes, how you handle them; the sensitivity to your kiddos; the way you live life and teach through action as well as words. Looking forward to the final product.