Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {better late than never}

Sunday Snapshot

In my bleary-eyed Sunday morning stumbles through the house,
while trying to rouse everyone to get ready for church on time,
I came across these two monkeys.

Having a very serious conversation,
full of imaginary plans for the day, silly stories,
and sweet sibling nothings being whispered
across the table to each other.

So wonderful to see the fruits of our labors
coming forth in their tender little friendship!

Happy Monday, Everyone!


Lori said...

Oh that is sweet! I love when I get to see my own two-some in those sweet moments!

Aus said...

Very cool - and there must be something in the air with phones this weekend. Back on the farm we found an old 'rotary dial' desk phone and I was showing it to the littles, Braelyn picked up the phone and called Chase - and was telling Chase to answer the phone while she went "ring ring"
Chase: "But I don't have a phone"
Braelyn: "Well....just pretend" (in the little girl stomping her foot tone of voice)

hugs - aus and co.