Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School {2011 edition}

For the first time in two years, all four of my older kids are out the door and off to school by 8:20 a.m.  And will be, every morning till June. After two years of cyber-school, my handsome and wonderful sons are leaving home to join the ranks of traditional public-schoolers. Sigh. I miss them already. It's especially poignant, as today is Shaggy's last first day of his school years.

There they go, Dr. D and Shaggy. My sophomore and my senior.... dressed and mostly awake at 6:40 a.m. They didn't even get to see Li'l Empress - it was so dark and cloudy that she actually slept in till I woke her at 7:20.

Next out the door was LadyBug. All giddy and excited about her first day of 7th grade. First day in the middle school. First time EVER walking off to the bus stop alone. Without any of her siblings.  She was much more excited about it than The Boss and I. She didn't even care that it was raining. Or that it was only 7:35 a.m.


I'm pretty sure Li'l Empress hasn't fully connected to what all these pictures and good-bye hugs mean for her. For her whole day.  It's gonna be a big adjustment for her, not to have her kids around.

Finally, at 8:15, Baby BlueEyes "suited up" and got himself all hugged and kissed and prayed over.  This is also his first year to ride a bus and be at school without any other Gang members around. He has decidedly mixed feelings about that. He much prefers to be with his family, so I'm really glad that his best childhood buddy, Miss V, is in his homeroom this year. God knows, doesn't He?! Even the little details like that. God knows.

Giving him hugs and telling him "I lub you" felt a little more familiar to Li'l Empress, as she also got to walk out to the driveway with The Boss to watch the bus arrive and pull away.  Just like we did last year. I think by this time of the morning, she was starting to "get it."  It's been awful quiet here since the bus pulled away.

And me? I'm okay. For now. Focusing on Little Guy and Little Gal's arrival in minutes. Listening to the news and the weather report. Distracting myself a little at a time. Tomorrow? Well, that might be a different story. Li'l Empress will leave right on BBE's heels for her first day of school. And I'll be here without any of my Gang. For the first time in two years.

I sure hope Little Guy and Little Gal are prepared for that.

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Aus said...

Morning GM - great couple posts here - first days of school are cool - hope you enjoy your few seconds of quiet!!

And as for the Boss' coffee cup - none finer I'd say - any guy and be a father - but it takes a Man to be a Dad!!

hugs - aus and co.